Late Night Link-Off: Cooking

For the second edition of the late-night links, let’s open with Irina Shayk. There’s actually a funny story about this photo…

It turns out that she’s suing GQ Spain over her December photo shoot being photoshopped. Now, it would normally be standard practice for that to happen but she wasn’t too happy that her clothes disappeared. (Huffington Post)

After the jump, the hottest women on cooking TV, Christmas gift tip and Irina Shayk in bodypaint (without photoshop).

I guess you can call this a follow-up to last week’s LNLO. Since last week’s links kicked off with a look at food porn, here’s a look at the hottest women of food TV. (Bro Bible)

And here are 20 women in photographed in kitchens. (Heavy)

Last week’s LNLO led off with Taylor Swift. This week’s Taylor Swift linkage is the Hater’s Guide to Taylor Swift. I like this week’s better. (Deadspin)

And slightly related, rumour has it that Justin Bieber’s going through puberty and needs a vocal coach to save his career. Well, that’s my spin on this story. (The Blemish)

We’re less than a month until Christmas. So you don’t say we don’t help you guys, here are some gift ideas from the most desirable woman in the world Emmanuelle Chriqui. (Ask Men)

Have you ever counted how much you actually work at work? Somebody has and it’s not as much as your employer would like. (The Campus Socialite)

Ever wonder what the technical term is for the happenings at your frat? Well, here are the Urban Dictionary definitions of Greek life. (On Campus Drama)

Most guys don’t go into women-centric blogs but there is some valuable information on them for guys. Here are four that you should probably visit. (Mankind Unplugged)

Here’s a pretty comprehensive retrospective of the 1990s. It’s the 90 hottest women of the 90s. Like any good big lists, it’s got an underwhelming choice for #1. (Complex)

A here’s a pretty comprehensive list of 50 things that every guy should know how to do.(Guyism)

Given that Irina Shayk is suing GQ for photoshopping her to be naked, maybe you should at least get to see the real deal… Sorta. It’s Irina Shayk’s SI Swimsuit bodypaint shoot.

And for fun, here are the Victoria’s Secret Angels lip-syncing some awful Katy Perry song. Best watched on mute.


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