F1 Brazilian Grand Prix: One For the Record Books

The 2013 Brazilian Grand Prix was the end of an era. The V8s were going to be running their last race. Mark Webber was to retire after the race to go run sports cars. And Sebastian Vettel was set to break yet another record. And all of that happened. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the storybook ending for Webber as his teammate picked up his 9th straight win.

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F1 British Grand Prix: Safety Dance

f1-2013-britain-rosberg-victoryThe story of the day at the British Grand Prix was the same as what it always seems to be this season. Tyres have been an issue all season but it came to a head in Britain. The race was exciting but it had an unexpected added aspect of danger as there were a number of tyre failures. Nico Rosberg may have crossed the line first but he certainly wasn’t the story of the race.

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F1 Malaysia GP: Law and Disorder

Is Formula One a team sport or an individual sport? This has to be the question on everyone’s mind after this weekend’s Malaysian Grand Prix. Team orders played into the first four finishing positions. In one team, orders were ignored. For the other, team orders were followed when it was clear the other driver was faster.

In a surprise for many cynical race fans, it was the Red Bull Racing boys who ignored team orders. Sebastian Vettel went by teammate Mark Webber after the race was supposed to be over between them and went on to take the win.

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F1 British GP: Seeing Red (Bull)

From the start of the race, it appeared as though Fernando Alonso would storm off to his second-straight win. However, the race isn’t won until the drop of the checkered flag. A poor call on strategy cost Alonso the race as Red Bull outsmarted Ferrari which allowed Mark Webber to pick up his second win of the season. Continue reading

F1 Monaco GP: Six For Six

After five different winners from the first five races of the 2012 Formula One World Championship, it was only fitting that the season started with a six different winner to start the season. This time, it was Mark Webber who picked up his first win of the season while Red Bull took their second checkered flag of the season. For Webber, it was also his second win at the Monaco Grand Prix. Continue reading

F1 Hungarian GP: Back Against The Wall

The whole weekend was dominated by Red Bull. In practice, they had the field covered by nearly a second with Sebastian Vettel comfortably ahead of Mark Webber. This race, unsurprisingly, looked like another Red Bull coronation waiting to happen. However, a critical error cost Vettel the win and forced Webber to push his tires harder and farther than anyone believed possible to pick up the win. Continue reading

F1 British GP: Something Old, Something New…

The old wedding adage seemed to fit perfectly for yesterday’s British Grand Prix. The irony of that statement is that the marriage at Red Bull is quickly disintegrating. But something old was Silverstone, host of the first ever round of the Formula One World Championship in 1950. Something new is the Arena Circuit layout which was designed for Moto GP and used for this year’s F1 Grand Prix. Something borrowed was Mark Webber’s front wing which was borrowed by Sebastian Vettel. And something blue was Mark Webber’s Red Bull as it streaked across the line as he took his third win of the season. Continue reading

F1 Monaco GP: If These Streets Could Talk

The Monaco Grand Prix is the crown jewel of the Formula One season. It’s a race steeped in history that has seen the great drivers take the checkered flag. A win at Monaco will make your reputation as much as a World Drivers’ Championship would. That just adds to the lore that is the race on the streets of Monte Carlo. And now, Mark Webber can add his name to the list of heroes that have won in Monaco as he dominated with his second consecutive lights-to-flag victory. However, it wasn’t a straight-forward cruise on the public roads of the principality. Continue reading

F1 Spanish GP: Red Bull Grabs By The Horns

McLaren led the first free practice and that was the last time that anyone was close to Red Bull Racing all weekend. Red Bull led the way in the last two practices, qualifying and walked away with near maximum points. Mark Webber led from the start lights to the checkered flag while Sebastian Vettel overcame more reliability issues to finish third. Meanwhile, teams used their three-week break to make the first major updates to their cars and Mercedes was the most radical of the constructors with their changes. Continue reading

Formula One: Jerez Test Week 2 Recap

After four days of nearly total wet weather running last week, eleven of this year’s F1 entrants were back at the Jerez Circuit in Spain for four more days of testing. For the second straight week, it was supposed to be a wet winter week in Spain as the teams battled the weather and each other for testing supremacy. However, everyone caught a break as the final two days dried out and the speeds picked up. This week also saw the debut of Lotus to run alongside fellow new entrant Virgin F1. The week’s testing time and analysis after the jump. Continue reading