The Best of Don Cherry’s Wardrobe

Love him or hate him, the biggest name in the Canadian hockey media is none other than Donald S. Cherry. Grapes has been a mainstay on Hockey Night in Canada for over 30 years, both in the broadcast booth and in his famous Coach’s Corner segment.

Since Grapes just celebrated 80th birthday on Wednesday (in Russia, no less), I thought it was only fitting to pay tribute to him for his most infamous of features – his wardrobe.

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The Best of Don Cherry’s Wardrobe

There’s no more polarizing figure in hockey than Don Cherry. The former Jack Adams Award winner as the NHL’s Coach of the Year translated a short time as coach of the Boston Bruins into a broadcast career that has made him a Canadian icon. He was even voted one of the ten greatest Canadians of all-time. That was despite his often controversial views on Europeans in the NHL, fighting’s place in hockey and the helmet visor. But even more famous than his view points is his wardrobe. Grapes’ attire is the stuff of legend across Canada. While it’s often horrible, it’s always memorable. So on this Black Friday, here are some of the more memorable items in Don Cherry’s wardrobe. Continue reading

Introducing Lowdown Swag

We here at Lowdown HQ like to do campus radio talk shows differently. This is obvious through our unique Lowdown Extra bonus content available for download available on the blog. Now, we’re trying something different again.

Today, we’re officially launching Lowdown Swag. It’s our official line of clothing. Right now, we have five designs available for purchase as t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and other assorted merchandise. So take a look at the merchandise and keep checking back here for new releases. Continue reading