Entertainment Link-Off: Hug a Tree

It’s Saturday again, so it’s time for another edition of the Entertainment Link-Off. In theatres this weekend, there’s the kid friendly Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax. On the other end of the spectrum, there’s the party-hard flick Project X. In other words, nothing noteworthy, so let’s start this edition of the ELO off with Charlize Theron. She’ll be appearing in Prometheus this summer and later in this entry, a new viral video related to the movie has hit the interwebs.

After the jump, The Lorax isn’t sticking to its environmentally friendly message, Adam Sandler smashed a Razzie record, the Oscars are on a downward spiral, showing a movie trailer can get you into the Phillippines (well only for Taylor Kitsch), Alec Baldwin shows no boundaries when hosting morning shows and new music recommendations courtesy of David Choi and Esther Lee! Continue reading

Sunday Link-Off: Iconic

It’s been a while so let’s kick off with Charlize Theron.

Ever wonder how the PlayStation’s controller got its unique design? Here’s the story from the man who came up with it. (1Up)

Last week, I mentioned that ESPN personality Jay Mariotti was arrested. Well, turns out that some folks are fairly happy with this new development. (Sports by Brooks)

Toronto FC’s video editing crew wasn’t impressed with Deportivo Arabe Unido in TFC’s last CONCACAF Champions League game. That’s why they put together this hilarious montage of DAU divers. (24th Minute)

After the jump, Larissa Riqelme’s new job, Glenn Beck’s latest fail and Russians plus vodka equals YouTube greatness. Continue reading

Wednesday Link-Off: A Change Of Pace

charlize_theron1Here’s Charlize Theron. She hasn’t done much lately which is a crime. Here’s hoping. After the jump, Comcast reporter Lisa Hillary sees a rat. Or did she see Phil Collins getting beatdown by the Ultimate Warrior.

Yesterday we had the third-last episode of The Lowdown for the season. Listen to it here. On May 26th, I interview Pinks All Out’s Rich Christensen.

Strange but true: A Lehman Brothers salesperson has gone from Wall Street deal maker to stripper. (Here Is The City)

In last week’s linkdump, I posted a story of a newspaper reporter getting laid off while at a Baltimore Orioles game. This week, I have that reporter’s first person account of being laid off. (Real Clear Sports)

Grapes is in trouble again. First, he said something true about the Europeans and the Quebecors that no one liked. Now, he dropped an F-bomb on live TV. CBC was asleep at the helm of his seven-second delay. (Total Pro Sports)

The Governator may be the smartest man in politics. He commissioned at studying looking at legalizing and taxing marijuana. (Sacramento Bee)

Another great Deadspin feature. Epic softball failures. (Deadspin)

Lamborghini is going back to its roots with its latest concept. Frequent wikipedia readers will know that Lambo was a tractor manufacturer at one point in its early history. Then they tried to show Enzo Ferrari what he was doing wrong with his supercars. I guess they have problems with how John Deere is doing things. (Top Gear)

Mike Tyson’s Punch Out is making a comeback on the Wii.  Without Mike Tyson. (ESPN)

The economy may have gone to hell but that doesn’t mean that companies still are spending money on endorsements. For example, the new face of GoDaddy is Anna Rawson. (CNBC)

It turns out that the big four sports leagues have made rule changes to favour the fast. (Wall Street Journal)

Did you know that Joe DiMaggio had a brother who was a perennial All-Star and one of the best center fielders of his day? (New York Times) Continue reading