Worst of Music: Cobra Starship – You Make Me Feel

Normally I do a long lead in before introducing this week’s Worst of Music artist but I really wanted to like these guys. Cobra Starship did the not-at-all related song for Snakes On A Plane called, imaginatively, Snakes On A Plane (Bring It). No, the song didn’t really have anything to do with the movie but it started with the famous Sam Jackson line from the movie so it wasn’t that bad. But what happens when you have Cobra Starship and subtract Samuel L. Motherfucking Jackson? You have this week’s WoM-winning You Make Me Feel.

One of the redeeming things about Snakes on a Plane (Bring It) was that it was a rock song. Sure, it was a bit on the pop-ish side but it was decent for what it was. This one is a dance/clubbing number complete with autotune and gratuitous computer manipulation of the singers’ voices. I’m almost wondering if they went from pop-rock to dance in order to catch on with the trend of growing popularity of dance music. And let’s face it, a series of “la”s is not a real lyric. It’s a space filler. And since this band did the Snakes On A Plane song, I have one last thing to say: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I HAVE HAD IT WITH THIS MOTHERFUCKING AUTOTUNE IN MY MOTHERFUCKING MUSIC!

So congrats, Cobra Starship. You’ve won the prestigious Worst of Music award for this week.

Have a better WoM candidate for next week? Drop it in the comments.


One thought on “Worst of Music: Cobra Starship – You Make Me Feel

  1. I HAVE HAD IT WITH THESE MONKEY FIGHTING SNAKES ON THIS MONDAY TO FRIDAY PLANE! I M ABOUT TO OPEN SOME FREAKIN WINDOWS!!! on primate hatin gangsta snakes on chartered planes that do not have weekend flights. Now!


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