Sunday Link-Off: Back Room Politics

nicole-williams-kore13-06Welcome to the first Feedly edition of the link-off. I’ve gone to Feedly to replace Google Reader. It’s not perfect but I think it’s the best replacement. I’m also taking to Reddit to find cool links now too. It’s a bit of a change of sourcing but hopefully you won’t notice too much of a difference.

Anyhow, let’s get this show on the road. First, here’s Canadian model Nicole Williams.

Mohamed Morsi is no longer the president of Egypt. Was this another people’s revolution or did the military intervention make this more of a coup in all but name? (Vice)

The story of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has gotten more interesting. The leaders of Nicaragua, Venezuela and Bolivia have all said they would grant Snowden asylum. The Americans aren’t happy about that. (RT)

And when you’re in the middle of a controversy, recruiting isn’t a good idea. Right, NSA? (The Guardian)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Still In The Woods

America may have won the battle last night, but Kim Cloutier proves that we’ve won the war.

We have to come up with a new name for athletes whose popularity transcends sports. The entertainment media is just all over some of these folks. For example, Elin Nordegren is being followed by the paparazzi in France. The good news for her is that she’s doing quite well for herself spending Tiger’s money. (People)

In an example of “opposites attract” a heavyweight boxing champion is dating a very short actress who is most famous for playing a character that gets beat up rather than doing the beating. (The Big Lead) (I haven’t seen Heroes for about two seasons now and I don’t care if anything’s changed.)

Naturally, a celebthletes (does that work?) intro would have to include Tiger Woods. Fortunately, legendary writer Buzz Bissinger has a piece looking inside the head and life of Tiger. (Vanity Fair)

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