Wednesday Link-Off: Still In The Woods

America may have won the battle last night, but Kim Cloutier proves that we’ve won the war.

We have to come up with a new name for athletes whose popularity transcends sports. The entertainment media is just all over some of these folks. For example, Elin Nordegren is being followed by the paparazzi in France. The good news for her is that she’s doing quite well for herself spending Tiger’s money. (People)

In an example of “opposites attract” a heavyweight boxing champion is dating a very short actress who is most famous for playing a character that gets beat up rather than doing the beating. (The Big Lead) (I haven’t seen Heroes for about two seasons now and I don’t care if anything’s changed.)

Naturally, a celebthletes (does that work?) intro would have to include Tiger Woods. Fortunately, legendary writer Buzz Bissinger has a piece looking inside the head and life of Tiger. (Vanity Fair)

After the jump, even more Tiger Woods, Silvio’s up to similar tricks, and this year’s awesome New Year’s stunt.

And what does Buzz think of Tiger? Well, let’s just say he’s never been one to mince words. (Deadspin)

TMZ is disturbing the shit once again, they say that someone is trying to sell them a Tiger Woods sex tape. (The Big Lead)

A lesson for everyone for next New Year’s Eve: Fireworks are dangerous. Especially if you try to set them off with your face. (The Sporting Blog)

The only thing worse for you career than fireworks is apparently breast implants. An Aussie hurdler had her’s removed for her country’s sake. I’m sure the men would have rathered that you kept them. (Deadspin)

Canada has their own guy trying to pull a Brock Lesnar. An ex-CIS amateur wrestler is trying to make the transition to MMA. (CIS Blog)

Meanwhile, in Uganda, Evander Holyfield is in a title fight. Really? Shouldn’t fighters nearing 50 have their licenses revoked because they’re going to get themselves killed? (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

EA is bringing back a legend. They’ve announced the return of NBA Jam! They’re on fire! But how would an arcade style game work in the modern video game world? (New York Magazine)

I’ve said it before but Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is my favourite world leader. He takes a licking and keeps on ticking… And if he had it his way, he would dish out another kind of li- I’ll skip that because it’s the morning. (Daily Telegraph)

A great read about the greatness that is Twitter and how it’s changing things. (New York Times)

Today’s first photo gallery involves some bankrupt folks. Dubai might be nearly broke but don’t tell them. They just opened the world’s tallest building. (BBC)

The second photo gallery is one that you probably want to avoid right after eating. It’s celebrity nose pickers. (Unreality)

Travis Pastrana is one of the craziest and most talented drivers on the planet. And attempting this could be considered absolutely insane.

And speaking of crazy folks, I can understand doing a parkour race to get to an Aston Martin DB9 or V12 Vantage (our car of the year) but a Cygnet?

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