Sunday Link-Off: Texting Always Ends Badly

Kicking off today’s post is Katherine Heigl who has decided to go brunette. Well, it’s not like this can push her any farther off the radar.

This week we’ve seen two best actress winners return to bachelorettehood. So why are these high-profile celebrity marriages going pear-shaped? (Daily Telegraph)

Of course, it’s not just the ladies with marriage trouble. The infamous Tiger Woods texts to Joslyn James were released. But Joslyn didn’t release her messages to Tiger. Don’t worry. Slate has them. (Slate)

And Tiger’s not the only golfer in a text message scandal. John Daly is too. (Food Court Lunch)

After the jump, fixing MLB, future Lindsay Lohan lawsuits, and let’s run down bicyclists.

Apparently, Major League Baseball is proposing a “floating realignment” concept where teams can move divisions to help them contend or rebuild as they see fit. But how about they try relegation? (The Big Lead) I had a buddy who thought the NHL should use relegation. He dropped that idea when he realized that he couldn’t scalp season tickets to an AHL Toronto Maple Leafs.

Speaking of relegation, Diddy wants to buy a team in danger of relegation. He wants to buy Crystal Palace because he likes the name. (The Sun)

Tom Brady has a new way that he’s going to keep Randy Moss from alligator arming his passes. (Faded Youth)

Ozzy Guillen’s kid is in trouble with the Chicago White Sox after saying something negative about the team on Twitter. He has next to no reach, what’s the big deal? (Big League Stew) Hang on. I think The Enge and I are have been in this situation before…

We’re going to talk more F1 tomorrow but the first race of the season was so bad that even Lewis Hamilton’s mother thought is was boring. (Daily Mail)

If you have some time on your hands, check out the greatest invention in the history of the internet. It’s the Gus Johnson Soundboard. (Gus Johnson Gets Buckets)

Who doesn’t love salsa? Well, the Mexicans who have seen the meaning of their proper salsa changed by the Yanks for one. (New York Times)

At Yale, they have way too much time and money on their hands. Now, they’re adding bobblehead to the law library. (New York Times)

Who doesn’t love Lindsay Lohan for her epic ego to match her micro brain? National Lampoon loves it so much that they tried to figure out her next set of lawsuits. (National Lampoon) Come to think of it, she’s likely to sue us for linking to that article…

Today’s photo gallery is a scientific acid trip. It’s thermal images around the house. (Daily Telegraph)

ESPN personality and Washington Post writer Tony Kornheiser went off on the annoyance that is dealing with bicyclists. I saw we follow Tony’s advice. The man speaks the truth.

Of course, TK is on to something. Just check out this video which demonstrates how dangerous bike riders actually are.


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