Wednesday Link-Off: The Political Games

barbara-palvin-victoriassecret13-22Boom! Links! Pow! Barbara Palvin! Was that how the intermission promo from Blades of Steel went, right? Anyway, it’s time for the Wednesday links. Let’s get this post started.

Sandy Kohn, who works for Fox News, tried signing up for Obamacare. She figures that a few hours was justifiable to save thousands of dollars a year. (Fox News)

Meanwhile, the Republican Party is too internally divided to figure out how to move forward after seeming to lose the battle of public opinion over the government shut down. (Washington Post)

Senator Mike Duffy told all in the Senate last night. It looks like he wasn’t about burning bridges so much as napalming it with the Harper Government. (CBC News)

A new book explains how Stephen Harper runs his government. It’s kinda frightening. (MacLean’s)

Have you ever wanted to be a better storyteller? There’s a science to a great narrative. (FastCo)

In a long first-person piece, Mike Tyson talks about his life. (New York Magazine)

We should need to run another story about why rape investigations shouldn’t get swept under the rug and yet here we are. Another reminder of the bullshit of the politics of the American legal system in Maryville. (ESPN W)

Pope Francis is starting a Vatican cricket team. Good for him. (Sportsnet)

It’s a good week for the Streisand Effect. The developers of Day One: Garry’s Incident tried to censor one bad review of their game and the story blew up far bigger than if they left it alone. (et geekera)

Meet the man behind the infamous Tucker Max books. Well, I suppose that’s better than being unemployed. Not by much. (The New Republic)

A NASCAR race this weekend had a massive crash. I’m shocked. Shocked.

And since I missed it yesterday, here’s OSW Review’s Royal Rumble 1992 review. It’s the one with Ric Flair. Awesomeballs.

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