Sunday Link-Off: Sunday At The Movies

We’re back on our regularly scheduled day after pushing the mid-week links back a day. To make up for that earlier delay is Amber Heard. It’s amazing no one invited her to the Golden Globes just so she could dress like that.

In case you hadn’t heard, George Lucas is retiring. While his last few movies have been shit, you always hoped he had one more legendary flick left in the tank. (New York Times)

If it wasn’t already obvious, David Lynch is obsessed with coffee. (Huffington Post)

Last weekend, the famed ECW Arena held its final wrestling show. After being home to a revolutionary force in professional wrestling, it will be converted to a concert venue. (The Classical)

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Entertainment Link-Off: A Train Wreck

I’ve drawn in to cover the entertainment beat for Jackie this week. Unfortunately for you guys, I didn’t remember until this morning that I was supposed to do this post. Anyway, Jackie would normally start by talking about this weekend’s new movies but your options are Tower Heist which looks Razzie-worthy and Harold and Kumar 3D which looks awesome. Unfortunately for the ladies, I’m not going to lead this post off with the great NPH. So let’s kickoff with the leading lady of last week’s big release, The Rum Diary, Amber Heard.

Today in ridiculously odd and disturbing celebrity news, the A-List director who masturbated while eating shrimp in front of Olivia Munn that she noted in her autobiography came forward. It’s the intelligence destroying Brett Ratner. (Film Drunk)

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Sunday Link-Off: Cancelled

Since I made such a big deal about the misguided “morality” behind the recent cancellation of The Playboy Club, here’s TPC star Amber Heard. I don’t think she’ll be unemployed for too long.

Well, shit has hit the fan in Boston. The Boston Globe has written an expose about the ills of the 2011 Boston Red Sox and why it cost them a playoff spot. (Deadspin)

The NBA could cancel the whole season if David Stern thinks progress hasn’t been made in negotiations this weekend. That would a lot fast a cancellation than the NHL’s cancellation which is on this list of the 10 most significant sports strikes/lockouts. (Midwest Sports Fans)

Not even Google’s employees like Google Plus. One publicly posted on his G+ account about how G+ was an afterthought by the executives. (Gizmodo)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Summer Catch

It’s Wednesday which means we’re finally halfway through the week. Let’s kick this set of links with Amber Heard. We seemed to miss the news of her becoming a Guess model but let’s make up for that now.

Steve Stamkos is a $7.5 million per year hockey player. So how does he spend his summers? Playing beer league baseball. (Toronto Star)

Speaking of millionaires in odd places, most people know Mick Foley (AKA Mankind, AKA Cactus Jack, AKA Dude Love) as a wrestling star. But now he’s doing double duty as a stand-up comic. (ESPN)

The NFL is officially back tomorrow for the first game of the season. Almost as important as who’s playing is who’s calling the action. So here’s the breakdown of this year’s NFL broadcasting teams. (Sports Illustrated)

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Late Night Link-Off: Pin-Up

To kick off this edition of the late night links, here’s Amber Heard who just came out of the closet. Somehow, I don’t think that’ll slow her career.

Facebook can be both a blessing and a curse for relationships. Take this guy whose profile pics guide us through every stage of his relationship and breakup. It’s a curse for him and a blessing for us. (College Humor)

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Entertainment Link-Off: Off the Charts!

Finding someone to lead off the ELO this week was a bit of a struggle, so here is something from Amber Heard’s latest photoshoot with Jezebel. Oh she was also featured in the Maxim’s Hot 100 list and came in at number 13 this year. Not bad at all!

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Entertainment Link-Off: Recycle and Reuse

amber heardAlright, the Entertainment Link-Off is being posted on a Saturday once again! Here’s an early warning though, it will be delayed next week and I will go on a one week hiatus after that. This edition features Amber Heard. She’s in the horror remake The Stepfather, which is out this weekend. If you’re not interested in that, you can go check her out in Zombieland.

After the jump 500 Days of Summer DVD release date, some Glee stuff, Westlife lied, rapping in Klingon and Zach Braff is not dead. Continue reading