Entertainment Link-Off: Recycle and Reuse

amber heardAlright, the Entertainment Link-Off is being posted on a Saturday once again! Here’s an early warning though, it will be delayed next week and I will go on a one week hiatus after that. This edition features Amber Heard. She’s in the horror remake The Stepfather, which is out this weekend. If you’re not interested in that, you can go check her out in Zombieland.

After the jump 500 Days of Summer DVD release date, some Glee stuff, Westlife lied, rapping in Klingon and Zach Braff is not dead.

Megan Fox + Armani underwear campaign = Yes please! (Entertainment Weekly)

Masi Oka is one lucky SOB. (Olivia Munn)

Brett Ratner is full of himself. (JoBlo)

My favourite film of the year, 500 Days of Summer,  finally has a release date for the DVD!!! (500days.com) Times like these make me wish that I have a Blu-Ray DVD player.

Taking a look at the ongoing battle between Star Wars and Star Trek. It might be just me, but I think Star Wars is still winning this one despite the awesome reinvention of Star Trek by J.J. Abrams. (Denver Post)

I knew it! Darth Vader had a role in WWII! (Sci Fi Wire)

No Glee on the Thanksgiving parade because NBC said so. Since the programming on NBC is bombing, no wonder they don’t want to give a boost to a show on a rival network. Great, now we’re going to get a Jay Leno float instead. It’s not all bad, now the cast will be singing the national anthem at the World Series! Hurray for additional exposure. (Zap2it)

If you’re still not watching Glee, I don’t know what is wrong with you! For those interested, catch some sneak peeks of the next episode! (E! Online)

Oh while we’re at it, let’s get to know the cast members of Glee a bit better. (LA Times)

Wanna catch a first glimpse of Summer Glau on Dollhouse? I can’t wait for this to air!!! (The TV Addict)

What Prince of Persia would have been like… (Slashfilm)

NOOOOO!!! Jackie Chan what have you done with the real Jackie Chan?! I can’t believe this is where his career is heading… (Latino Review)

Ebert briefly states why Zombies eat flesh. (Roger Ebert)

Here’s an interesting theory to why vampires are such a hit in Hollywood right now. Apparently young women want to have sex with gay men. (Esquire)

The graphics might a be a bit sub-par but I am looking forward to seeing Legion. Since the film won’t be released until January, let’s take a look at the new awesome one-sheets! (Latino Review)

Jonah Hill is creating an animated comedy on FOX. (Collider)

CW is desperate for some unoriginal programming. First off from Mark Schwann (creator of One Tree Hill) are two pilots. One is about a spy academy for girls and the other is a story about two aspiring country singers. Next, there’s a sci-fi show from Rob Thomas that takes place on a spaceship where young travelers look for a new planet for humans to settle. If Defying Gravity and Virtuality were any indication of how it will perform, the CW is on auto-pilot for epic disaster. Then again, I do like Rob Thomas since he did make the brilliant but cancelled Veronica Mars… so it might not be that bad… (Zap2it)

Looks like The Jay Leno Show is not an epic failure after all. With a budget that is a fraction of what is spent on scripted programming at ABC, the show still manage to snag a good chunk of viewers. NBC just might have “won” this battle and the end of TV is inching closer and closer… (TV by the Numbers)

Good news! Super Dave is making a comeback!!! (MovieWeb) Let’s see if he’s willing to jump off the CN Tower again!

amber heard 2(2)

At the box office this weekend, Where the Wild Things Are is a surprise hit! Meanwhile Law Abiding Citizen opens at #2, Paranormal Activity is still making money and people didn’t quite warm up to The Stepfather. (Nikki Finke)

Amber Heard discusses about The Stepfather, the awesomeness of Zombieland and her upcoming films. (Collider)

Looks like Amber has booked herself another project. This time she’ll be costarring with Leighton Meester in Cowgirl Bandits. So it’s just a simple story about two young ladies doing lots of illegal stuff. Sounds like fun already! (Celebuzz)

I’m not a huge fan of rap music, but for some odd reason, I think rapping in Klingon is awesome… especially if it’s an Eminem cover.


Speaking of covers. Westlife has stated earlier that they will return after a year hiatus with a brand new album full of -original- material. Well… they lied. The first single will be released on October 26th and it’s called What About Now. Yes, if you are a fan of Daughtry or you listen to top 40 radio, you have heard this song before. If the album consists of many original tracks, why are they releasing this as a lead single? The last time they released a cover as a lead single, it DIDN’T hit number one. It might be many more years before they can break The Beatles record of 18 #1 UK hits. Perhaps it’s a good thing since I would rather see an original/new song hit the top spot rather than another cover. Why do I get the feeling that Simon Cowell had something to do with this? Check out the preview below and then think about whether they deserve another number one hit. I don’t know about you, but I think releasing a new original track would generate more hype and excitement given that the band went on hiatus in 2008.


Let’s take a look at the various Kramer entrances over the years on Seinfeld. I also have to point out that this is all done in chronological order.


There was a fake internet rumour spreading that claimed Zach Braff is dead. Well turns out he’s still alive and kicking and he posted a video to debunk those rumours. To add to the Zach Braff awesomeness, he also pointed out all the inaccuracies in the article including how he would commit suicide. Oh by the way, look out for a special cameo in the video.


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