Sunday Link-Off: Cancelled

Since I made such a big deal about the misguided “morality” behind the recent cancellation of The Playboy Club, here’s TPC star Amber Heard. I don’t think she’ll be unemployed for too long.

Well, shit has hit the fan in Boston. The Boston Globe has written an expose about the ills of the 2011 Boston Red Sox and why it cost them a playoff spot. (Deadspin)

The NBA could cancel the whole season if David Stern thinks progress hasn’t been made in negotiations this weekend. That would a lot fast a cancellation than the NHL’s cancellation which is on this list of the 10 most significant sports strikes/lockouts. (Midwest Sports Fans)

Not even Google’s employees like Google Plus. One publicly posted on his G+ account about how G+ was an afterthought by the executives. (Gizmodo)

After the jump, how to fix The Simpsons, Portal 2 had a unique original concept and Shanaban’s about to start handing out suspensions.

Coming into the season, ESPN was very proud of its new Total Quarterback Rating that it invented to evaluate quarterbacks. Well, it only took five weeks but we’ve got official confirmation that it’s total bullshit. It ranks Tim Tebow as better than Aaron Rodgers. (Awful Announcing)

As I mentioned last week, The Simpsons are back for two more seasons after this. So what can they do to keep the show fresh? Here are six suggestions to improve the series for the next two years. (Split Sider) For the record, #1 is a must-have.

Seth MacFarlane wants to make a new Star Trek TV series. Just because you have a ten-second appearance on Enterprise doesn’t mean you’re at all qualified for that. (Topless Robot)

According to his producer, Guy Fieri is a total douche. Shit, all you had to do was watch his show for five seconds to know that. (Warming Glow)

The Globe and Mail caused a bit of a stir when its gag caption writer made jokes about the Occupy Wall Street movement when captioning celebrity photos. (Globe & Mail)

Here’s today’s mildly comical/extremely creepy Tumblog story of the day. Here’s the story behind the inexplicably popular Tumblr blog of a fake stalker and his muse. (The Awl)

Who doesn’t like a good bracket? This one is the top 32 amusingly horrible things bosses have said. (The Hairpin)

The gang at Valve originally wanted to make Portal 2 a sort of buddy cop game. The trick was they had to do that with one silent protagonist. (GameSpot)

Speaking of which, coming soon is a Super Mario version of Portal. (Kotaku)

At least Portal and SMB don’t fall victim to any of these five most annoying video game level types. (Unreality)

It’s time for the latest Down Goes Brown & Bloge Salming collaboration video. It’s a rap video for Brendan Shanahan and his new suspension policy.

Best Star Wars parody song ever? Well, it is this week. It’s a parody of former WoM winner Maroon 5 called Moves Like Jagger.

Hulk Hogan did the ESPN carwash this week. In English, that means that he went to Bristol and did all sorts of ESPN shows. He even cut a promo on Tim Tebow during one appearance.

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