Super Bowl XLV Facts and Figures

It’s game day! We’re just a few hours away from Super Bowl 45 at the house that Jerry built, Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. To help you get set for the big game, here are some of the outlandish fact and numbers about the Super Bowl. Continue reading

Super Bowl 45 Link-Off

It’s Super Bowl Sunday, people! I’m not necessarily cheering for the Packers but Jaime Edmondson would make me consider it.

On Super Bowl Sunday, it’s only appropriate that we run this lengthy profile of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. (Sports Illustrated)

Ever wonder how that yellow first down line gets on the field for football TV broadcasts? Here’s a look at the technology at work. (Mental Floss)

Ever wonder what the week leading up to the Super Bowl is like for the players? Here’s a first-hand account of a player’s experience at the Super Bowl party scene. (Deadspin)

After the jump, the worst half-time show ever, what will Madden do and Super Bowl ad madness. Continue reading


Idea to Make the Super Bowl More Interesting: Gambling!

Betting on the Super Bowl

People who gamble on the NHL All-star game and NFL Pro Bowl are probably people who should check into an addiction therapy center, if you lose. I brilliantly took Team Lidstrom and the over in the All-star game (you knew Toews and Thomas were going to try because they are too competitive) and the NFC and the over in the Pro Bowl (no one tries in this game but Vick, Ryan, and Brees have way more natural skill than Cassell and Peyton wasn’t going to try) and won all four bets. Thus I have a little extra money to gamble on Super Bowl prop bets for the big game on Sunday. So here are 5 great prop and otherwise bets and 7 fun/I have a gambling problem bets that I will be wagering on this weekend.

The thing about prop bets is that more often than not you’re going to lose money on them but you’re going to have a lot of fun cheering for them to happen during the game so I wouldn’t gamble too heavily on them but a little money goes along way to having fun. All lines and bets can be found on and try to enjoy yourself this weekend watching the Super Bowl with ignorant non-football fans who are more excited about the half time show or even worse the commercials. There is something a little sick about cheering for good advertising as if it is a luxury. Good advertising should be the standard not the exception. Anyway… Continue reading

Fight Song Battle – Black & Yellow vs. Green & Yellow

I’ve seen people around the internet compare the WAGs of Super Bowl 45 and certain players’ hair. Now, Lil Wayne has given us another point to compare the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers: Fight songs. Yesterday, Lil Wayne dropped Green and Yellow, a Packers-centric cover of Black and Yellow by Wiz Khalifa. Black and Yellow itself is now the Steelers’ fight song. So let’s put these songs head-to-head in a fight song rap battle of Super proportions. Continue reading