Super Bowl 45 Link-Off

It’s Super Bowl Sunday, people! I’m not necessarily cheering for the Packers but Jaime Edmondson would make me consider it.

On Super Bowl Sunday, it’s only appropriate that we run this lengthy profile of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. (Sports Illustrated)

Ever wonder how that yellow first down line gets on the field for football TV broadcasts? Here’s a look at the technology at work. (Mental Floss)

Ever wonder what the week leading up to the Super Bowl is like for the players? Here’s a first-hand account of a player’s experience at the Super Bowl party scene. (Deadspin)

After the jump, the worst half-time show ever, what will Madden do and Super Bowl ad madness.

This is the coolest set of NFL jerseys I’ve ever seen. Too bad they’re not for sale. It’s concept designs of NFL jerseys as soccer jerseys. (Jimmy Nutini Designs)

Super Bowl ticket prices seem to be completely out of hand on the secondary market. Prices have grown exponentially over the last ten to fifteen years. (Business Insider)

A lot has been made out of how bad this year’s halftime show of the Black Eyed Peas could be. Well, it definitely won’t be the weirdest one of all-time. That honour goes to 1989’s 3D spectacular. (Popdust)

And on that note, here is a look at the best and worst Super Bowl halftime shows. Unfortunately for Time, they fail a few times by saying Prince was good and Janet Jackson was ugly. Fools. (Time)

Ever wonder why no one has ever rebroadcast the whole of Super Bowl 1? Well, that’s because no one kept a copy of the game. Until one was found in an attic. (Wall Street Journal)

With the increasing likelihood of an NFL lockout, the only place that we may be able to turn for football is Madden games. Fortunately, EA Sports will put out Madden 12 come hell or high water. (Kotaku)

There’s an old saying that says that everything is bigger in Texas. Well, here are five examples of things that actually are bigger in Texas. (Midwest Sports Fans)

Ever wonder how the Super Bowl and the Lingerie Bowl stack up head-to-head? Thanks to this handy infographic, wonder no more. (Cool Material)

One of the most important parts of the Super Bowl is gambling. Here’s a list of 10 potential prop bets that you won’t be able to bet on even if they would be infinitely cool. (The Smoking Jacket)

Throwing a Super Bowl party? Here are the 10 types of people you can expect to show up. (Sports Pickle)

Before we get to the YouTube videos, here’s a video about how and why Super Bowl videos get banned. (Slate V)

Speaking of Super Bowl ads, ESPN’s Michelle Beadle spoofed some famous Super Bowl ads for SportsNation.

And here’s your early favourite for this Super Bowl’s best commercial. Volkswagen joins forces with George Lucas for this ad for the Passat.

And would it be a big news story without the Taiwanese CGI news folk at NMA doing something for it.

This last video is the most important video of this whole linkdump. It’s how to mute Joe Buck. It’s the only way to survive the Super Bowl with your sanity intact.

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