Steve’s Ridiculous 2012 NHL Entry Draft Predictions

As is my annual tradition here on the blog, I make completely outlandish predictions as to what will happen at the NHL Entry Draft in my role as the blog’s NHL Outsider. Let’s face it, the experts are just making an educated guess as to what happen based on logic. Fans of many teams will know that logic and common sense are a very, very small part of the decision making process of your typical NHL GM.

Hit the jump for my predicted top ten in this year’s NHL draft. Continue reading


Calgary Flames’ Twitter Account Doesn’t Think Much Of Hemsky

The Calgary Flames official twitter account (@NHLFlames) thinks 2 years at $5 million per season for Ales Hemsky is a bit too big a contract.


The Lowdown’s Ridiculous 2010 NHL Mock Draft

Every year, countless talking heads do up mock drafts of what they think NHL teams will do on draft day. The problem with the standard mock draft is that it’s too clean. It’s just assumed that teams will continue to select the best player available according to the scouts until all 210 choices are made. Of course, that makes no sense because trades will be made, GMs will go out on limbs, and Toronto will find another way to ensure 43 more years of futility. So it’s time for our second annual Ridiculous Mock Draft. Continue reading