The Humanoids: Ain’t Nothing To Talk About

Sometimes there ain’t nothing to talk about. For example, the rent is too damn high. Unless you’re in the upper class, there’s no debate and nothing to talk about. But there’s a few more topics that are in the news this week that really shouldn’t be up for much debate or are being focused on for the wrong reasons. For example, Randy Moss was cut for being a food critic but textual intercourse with a team employee is perfectly acceptable. Not liking food? That ain’t to talk about. Continue reading

Best Screencaps of the World Series

The World Series is in the books and the San Francisco are the unlikely world champions despite the better, though almost non-existent, efforts of the Texas Rangers. After the last drop of champagne was sprayed in the Giants’ clubhouse and Tim Lincecum smoked the first of many joints on the night, I thought it would be a good idea to look back on the series through the magic of TV screencaptures. So here’s a look at the best images captured from the TV coverage of the fall classic. Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Halloween Hangover

jewel-blender-017Welcome to the great link-off experiment. I’m back on the entertainment beat again. Leading things off is Jewel. Anyone else miss her? Not her music, just her.

Greatest comic strips ever. Mashing up classic comics strips with sci-fi characters. (Ryan Dunlavey)

This Star Wars comic proves that the Force is strong with this one. Apparently an adolescent sense of humour isn’t as strong, though. (Bad Librarianship)

The only thing worse than the Harry Potter movies and the last few Harry Potter books is having the name Harry Potter. (Daily Mail)

After the jump, movie news, how to survive the prime time armageddon caused by the World Series, and parking: you’re doing it wrong. Continue reading