The Evolution of Marvel Superhero Costumes (Infographic)

Last week, we asked if you could survive in the Marvel universe but how many superheroes and perspective superheroes are concerned about that? After all, most superheroes will sacrifice everything for the greater good and blahdy, blahdy, blah. What many superheroes, including but not limited to the likes of Iron Man/Tony Stark and The Doctor (yes, the one from the BBC TV series), are more concerned about is their look. So just how have various heroes changed their looks over the years? This handy infographic will give you a little guide.

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Would You Survive the Marvel Multiverse? (Infographic)

It seems like we’re hearing about more Marvel movies every other week and new Marvel movies feel like they’re coming out every other month. This month, it’s Doctor Strange which isn’t a high-profile Marvel property but they’ve managed to create a critical and commercial smash hit. So just how would you or I fare in the rather extensive Marvel universe. Well, there’s a handy flowchart infographic to help you find out.

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Sunday Link-Off: Deadline Day Prelude

I’ve never heard of Brazilian model Raica Oliveira before but I’m willing to bet we’ll hear from her again soon.

One of the biggest names in hockey trade rumours is Eklund of HockeyBuzz. He’s a pretty controversial figure among both the traditional and new media members but this piece by Adrian Dater is a refreshingly fair look at the anonymous hockey blogger. (Sports Illustrated)

In the world of TV media peddling trade rumours, Sportsnet’s Nick Kypreos really hates TSN. He tried to inform someone on of such on Twitter in what was probably supposed to be a DM. The only problem was that he didn’t DM his thoughts. (Pension Plan Puppets)

Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the most important day in Canadian history since Henderson scored on September 28, 1972. So here’s another look at the anatomy of Sidney Crosby’s golden goal. (The Globe and Mail)

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Entertainment Link-Off: Halloween Hangover

jewel-blender-017Welcome to the great link-off experiment. I’m back on the entertainment beat again.¬†Leading things off is Jewel. Anyone else miss her? Not her music, just her.

Greatest comic strips ever. Mashing up classic comics strips with sci-fi characters. (Ryan Dunlavey)

This Star Wars comic proves that the Force is strong with this one.¬†Apparently an adolescent sense of humour isn’t as strong, though. (Bad Librarianship)

The only thing worse than the Harry Potter movies and the last few Harry Potter books is having the name Harry Potter. (Daily Mail)

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