Entertainment Link-Off: Halloween Hangover

jewel-blender-017Welcome to the great link-off experiment. I’m back on the entertainment beat again. Leading things off is Jewel. Anyone else miss her? Not her music, just her.

Greatest comic strips ever. Mashing up classic comics strips with sci-fi characters. (Ryan Dunlavey)

This Star Wars comic proves that the Force is strong with this one. Apparently an adolescent sense of humour isn’t as strong, though. (Bad Librarianship)

The only thing worse than the Harry Potter movies and the last few Harry Potter books is having the name Harry Potter. (Daily Mail)

After the jump, movie news, how to survive the prime time armageddon caused by the World Series, and parking: you’re doing it wrong.

As much hype as there is around James Cameron’s upcoming “revolutionary” epic Avatar, we might be waiting longer for it. It all depends on the outcome of a plagiarism lawsuit. (/Film)

Google’s taken down Yahoo, Hotmail, Mapquest and IE already. Next up: iTunes. (BBC)

Looking for a way to deal with the lack of new Fox prime time TV while the World Series is on? Look no more. (True Slant)

Keeping with the Fall Classic, the woman who was willing to trade sex for tickets claims that she was just flirting with the undercover cop that busted her. Well that’s a new defence. (NY Daily News)

Jackie is over the moon with the news that Michael Clark Duncan’s next movie is coming to theatres in December. I have to admit, I’m looking forward to this too. (Collider)

The new head of BBC’s Doctor Who says that Matt Smith is one of the best Doctors ever. Of course he would say that. He hired the guy. (Daily Telegraph)

One thing the BBC does very well is its news coverage. However, news has taken a life of it’s own in US TV. Unfortunately for CNN, the founder of US cable news is being destroyed in the ratings. (New York Times)

My definition of entertainment includes marching bands. Here’s a good look inside the marching band at my favourite American college, the University of Michigan. (Michigan Daily)

Guess who’s coming out of retirement: 14-time Heavyweight Champion of the World Hulk Hogan! (Reuters)

Coming soon to an episode of The Lowdown near you: DJ Hero. Since Activision ignores our emails, you’ll probably be better off reading this review than waiting for us. (IGN)

I’ve always considered Acer to be more of a budget computer maker. Turns out that they’re on the cutting edge of technology with low-priced 3D technology. (Globe And Mail)

Again, stretching the definition of entertainment but technically Larry Merchant works in TV. HBO’s most (in)famous boxing analyst tries to rip the New York Times a new one over its apathy over boxing. (New York Times)

jewel-blender-016Jewel has nothing to do with the next story but Jackie seems to find excuses for extra eye candy so I’m not going to break tradition. Anyway, what really goes on behind the scenes of Letterman. (Vanity Fair)

The ELO is often home to links to strange news stories and today is no exception. This is easily among the worst parking jobs ever. (CNN)

We don’t have a photo gallery today but we do have a video gallery. A look at a dozen of the greatest parking failures on YouTube. (Daily Telegraph)

Yesterday, I had a video of a guy dressed up as a Transformer. Turns out that French car maker Citroen had a similar idea… But theirs really sucked.

We missed this video yesterday but the title of this post is appropriate given how this turned out. Al Roker learns that midgets, alcohol and live TV don’t mix.

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