The Ten Worst National Anthem Performances In Sports History

I’ve never exactly been sure why but the national anthem of the respective participating nations are traditionally played before major games. Often, these performances are very good and pass by without a batted eyelash. Then, there are those performances that make you wish you were deaf.

In honour of yesterday’s abomination of a performance of the Star Spangled Banner by Steven Tyler, here’s our list of the ten worst national anthem performances at a sporting event of all-time. Continue reading

Howard Stern Exposes Beyonce

God bless Howard Stern.  On his show today, Howard played a clip of Beyonce singing on NBC’s Today Show.  Except it wasn’t the performance that people watching live would have heard.  This is Beyonce singing along to her song while the recorded track was broadcast.  Listen to the clip here.

Howard also played Enrique Inglesias singing on the Today Show a while back.  Neither sound very good but at least we have supercomputers that can save us from our ears bleeding.  And I envy Jay-Z slightly less knowing that he has to listen to that.