Wednesday Link-Off: Deplorables

reese-witherspoon-tiff16-04If anyone tells you that they know exactly what is or isn’t a turning point in an election in the moment, they’re lying. How many times have we thought that Trump said something disqualifying in this election cycle? Besides, when David Duke is acting like he loves being called a Trump deplorable, maybe there’s something to accusing some Trump supporters of being racist.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday so it’s time for us to do the links. Since TIFF is going on right now, here’s Reese Witherspoon making a rare public appearance at TIFF.

Peter Mansbridge is retiring from The National after anchoring the newscast for 30 years. Has his tenure broken The National and CBC News? (Ricochet Media)

Without a hint of irony, Donald Trump said that Hilary Clinton calling half of Trump supporters “deplorables” is the biggest gaffe of the election season. That’s the same Donald Trump who will likely have made a bigger gaffe while I’m writing this sentence. That’s the same Donald Trump whose entire campaign is built around saying outlandish thing to dominate the election news cycle, a strategy that got him the nomination and possibly the presidency. (Chicago Tribune)

Would Donald Trump be as aggressive in his campaigning if he was facing his old friend President William Jefferson Clinton rather than his wife Hilary? Bill and Donald seem like they were pretty good chums. (Politico)

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Sunday Link-Off: The Cold of Winter

Now that football season is over, we’re stuck in the middle of nothing right now. No good movies are going to come out for the next three months. We’re left with NBA to fill Sundays. And the racing season is still a couple of weeks away. But at least we have Reese Witherspoon to warm things up here.

The legendary William Shatner is bringing his one-man show to Broadway. He talked to Rolling Stone about his new show but sadly didn’t sing… yet. (Rolling Stone)

The FBI released their file on Apple founder Steve Jobs. It turns out that a lot of the man’s supposed friends thought he was a bit of a crook. (Gawker)

George Lucas just doesn’t get it any more. He says that Greedo always shot first but it was confused because of close-ups in the 1977 version. (Badass Digest) Not only does he not grasp dialogue but he doesn’t really understand his own characters. Now Han isn’t a badass but lucky that Greedo is the worst shot in the galaxy.

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