Entertainment Link-Off: Save the Best Piece for Last

It’s another flashback weekend in Hollywood! First off there’s James Cameron’s Titanic revisit. On the other end there’s the latest installment of the American Pie franchise with American Reunion. Katrina Bowden snatched up a role in the film, so let’s kick things off with her latest shoot from FHM.

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Wednesday Link-Off: Gonna Be A Man In Motion

I have no idea who Katrina Bowden is but she’s in 30 Rock and it’s back this week so I figured it would be appropriate to lead off this post with her. I should have used a Denver Broncos cheerleader…

Dustin Penner is out with back problems. He injured himself while eating pancakes. No, I’m not making that up. (Puck Daddy)

Jerry Sandusky’s autobiography wasn’t just unfortunately named but it was unfortunately written. The book led police to more of his victim. (Deadspin)

Just in time for this weekend’s divisional playoff games, it’s a collection of Aaron Rodgers photobombing team pictures. (Aaron Rodgers Photobombs)

After the jump, the mayor of Hinchtown has a new job, Ron Swanson is a writer and Tim Tebow’s Fire! Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Notorious

I’ve drawn in for Jackie for this week’s edition of the Entertainment Link-Off. To kick things off, here’s Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive Katrina Bowden. If you watch 30 Rock (which I haven’t since the first episode with the exception of the Night Court episode), you might have seen her.

The FBI don’t have a reputation for being the most open agency of the US government but they made an effort this week. They’ve made files from their investigation into the murder of Notorious BIG open to the public. (LA Times)

After the jump, Snooki goes to WrestleMania, the richest characters of all-time, and a Star Wars parody of Friday. Continue reading