Wednesday Link-Off: Super Bowl Hangover

We’re back to normal on the blog. Hopefully the heat from the UWO election primer dies down. But you couldn’t expect anyone other than Rutledge supporters to be happy after than. Hopefully everyone is happy with Brooklyn Decker leading off this post.

I love Deadspin’s Asshole Digests. The Asshole Boss Digest has a lot to live up to but it’s off to a good start. (Deadspin)

Did you know that The Who were on your TV as much as live game action from the Super Bowl. There’s video proof of that. (Gawker TV) Couldn’t we just watch a Grey Cup replay instead?

It’s best you give up on mainstream websites. Their creativity in coming up with Super Bowl headlines is lacking. (Joe Sports Fan)

After the jump, more Super Bowl links, another Milbury brawl and We Won’t Get Fooled Again!

How about a proper Super Bowl story? Here’s a proper portrait of the city of New Orleans after the big win. (New York Times)

Just don’t ask a proper sports news organization for all serious articles. ESPN sent more folks to the parties than the games. (ESPN)

Though it’s occasionally better if the press covers the party. They may have gotten the score right. (The Virginian-Pilot)

And speaking of ESPN, their biggest star Chris Berman could be on the move to another network. So here’s a look at his legacy at the Worldwide Leader. (Thunder Treats)

Mike Milbury hates New York Rangers fans (remember the shoe) and the Washington Crapital- I mean Capitals. His latest crack at Ovi earned him a confrontation with a blogger. That won’t reflect well on any of us. (Puck Daddy)

I can’t believe that these 10 words from the Simpsons aren’t considered real. I use at least half of them in my everyday speech. (Guyism)

In my Super Bowl themed linkdump, I showed the unfortunate picture of Merrill Hoge in a thong at the Celebrity Beach Bowl (which he claims was a jockstrap). Well, fortunately for the rest of us, Marisa Miller had a similar wardrobe malady. (Deadspin)

Now that we know that Brooklyn Decker is on the cover of the SI Swimsuit Issue, why don’t you pick the best SI Swimsuit picture of all time. (Sport Illustrated)

Today’s photo gallery is a look at the 100 corniest sports movies of all-time. #100 could also be one of the greatest sports movie of all-time. (Bro Bible)

Transport Canada would like to remind you that there are new regulations for flying into the United States.

The Who still play a mean Pinball.

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