Wednesday Link-Off: Executive Orders

shay-mitchell-airbnbjamaica15-04bSometimes, I’m not sure how politicians actually accomplish anything. Then again, I’m also not sure that they actually want to accomplish anything. After countless mass shootings and no Congressional action, it was up to an executive order to start to make things right with American gun laws. If the politicians were really to do what’s best for the majority of Americans, wouldn’t they be sorting this out themselves? There I go being naive again.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday which means it’s time for us to do the links. Let’s kick off with Canadian actress Shay Mitchell.

President Obama used his executive order power to introduce new gun regulations in America to combat the ongoing mass shootings. (NBC News)

The inevitable has happened. Donald Trump is becoming a Ted Cruz birther. (Washington Post)

Under the Harper Government, the goal was for Canada to become an energy superpower. Canada’s current economic reliance on oil has caused the massive drop in the value of the Canadian dollar. (Bloomberg)

A pot activist is sending Liberal MPs a gram of pot each. I don’t know why but it’s a funny story. (Vice)

One of Ontario’s top university prof’s has been taken out of his first-year psych class by the PC police- I mean, his university’s administration. (CBC News)

We’re prone to looking at the business of gaming but what about the business of the galaxy? Would the destruction of the second Death Star had an economic impact so big that it would have crippled the galactic economy? (New York Times)

Here’s an irony: Extreme political views won’t keep you out of the White House but it will keep you out of the Baseball Hall of Fame. Ask Curt Schilling. (Bloomberg Politics)

Are you on T-Mobile and enjoy YouTube? Of course not. The EFF says that T-Mobile is throttling YouTube traffic. (BGR)

Things seldom go tragically wrong in youth football but the consequences can be dire when it does. (Vice Sports)

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