Worst of Music: Hot Chelle Rae – Tonight Tonight

Before checking this week’s Billboard Hot 100 charts, I had never heard of the band Hot Chelle Rae. I half expected it to be a woman and almost thought the Dude Looks Like A Lady at the very start of the video was HCR. Turns out that it’s a band who have an album, an EP and three singles to their credit. One of those singles just happens to be this week’s Worst of Music winner. It’s Hot Chelle Rae’s song Tonight Tonight.

When I heard this song, I immediately wondered if I hit my head and had a bad dream in which I aged ten years. Then I realized that I was awake and this band and song were stuck ten years in the past. Seriously, this sounds like all the generic pop-punk rock songs that you’d hear on the radio in the late 90s and early 2000s. At least those songs didn’t repeat the same lyrics for 50% of the song. In this case, I’d say half of the song is made up of “la”s, “whoa”s and “oh”s. And how can you party on the rooftop and dance at the edge of the Hollywood sign at the same time? I bet no one thought of that logical paradox when writing this song. I have no patience for songs that are clearly written to bait programmers to give it airtime. There’s something to be said for wanting to make money as a band, but when you throw your artistic integrity out the window for it, I don’t have the time of day for you.

So congrats, Hot Chelle Rae. You’ve won the prestigious Worst of Music award for this week.

Have a better WoM candidate for next week? Drop it in the comments.

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