NHL All-Star Game Fan Voting Is Broken; Here’s How To Fix It

The very public ballot box stuffing campaigns of the past seemed to be missing in this year’s NHL All-Star fan voting. However, very quietly, the fans of the Ottawa Senators and Toronto Maple Leafs stuffed the ballot boxes to get their boys into the game as starters. In fact, of the six starters voted in by fans, four are Sens and one is a Make Believe. Eight of the top-nine vote getter played for one of the two Ontario teams.

It has become painfully obvious that the current system of fan voting is broken. Whether the ballot stuffing campaigns are public or not, NHL fans are clearly not using their power to vote in All-Star starters to vote for the best players in the league but as a means to execute some sort of cruel joke on hockey fans everywhere. It’s time that the current system is scrapped in favour of one that mitigates the risk of blatant fan tampering with the All-Star Game. Continue reading

Hockey (Last) Night In Canada: Free Agent Frenzy

July 1st had it all going on. It was the start of NBA Free Agency which kicked off LeBronukkah. In Canada, it was a national holiday and Canada Day. I mean that it was the start of NHL Free Agency and the country’s birthday. The 30 teams continued their quest for Lord Stanley’s Cup which started at the draft. At least “Free Agent Frenzy” is better than being named after one man. Unless you call this “Koval-up-chuk.” Anyway, did your favourite team make a big move over the last 24 hours? A recap of the day’s events and analysis after the jump. Continue reading

The Lowdown’s Ridiculous 2010 NHL Mock Draft

Every year, countless talking heads do up mock drafts of what they think NHL teams will do on draft day. The problem with the standard mock draft is that it’s too clean. It’s just assumed that teams will continue to select the best player available according to the scouts until all 210 choices are made. Of course, that makes no sense because trades will be made, GMs will go out on limbs, and Toronto will find another way to ensure 43 more years of futility. So it’s time for our second annual Ridiculous Mock Draft. Continue reading

Hockey (Last) Night In Canada: Shutouts Galore

If you thought double the OT was double the fun, last night featured a game that went into triple overtime! Could you say ‘triple the OT, triple the fun’? Meanwhile 3 goalies went on a hot streak stopping all pucks that they encountered during the game. Another team makes an early exit from the playoffs and it might not be the one you were expecting. Continue reading

Hockey (Last) Night In Canada: Let The Games Begin

The first night of the 2010 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs had a recurring theme. If you weren’t the favourite in the series, you had a very good night. In what will go down as a prime example of parity in the new NHL, all four of the consensus underdogs in each series picked up the Game One win. Continue reading

Weekend Link-Off: I’m A Sens Fan Now

Hilary Duff and Carrie Underwood are now the main attraction of Sens games.

If there wasn’t a good reason to be an Ottawa Senators fan before, you won’t find a better one that getting to see Hilary Duff and Carrie Underwood at each home game.  In case you cared (and you probably shouldn’t), Carrie’s man, Mike Fisher, scored the OT winner at this particular game on Wednesday against Tampa.

By the way, I’m covering the Ontario University hockey championship game at 7:30 on 94.9 FM (in London) and CHRWradio.com.  We’ll be switching off between hockey in London and a national semi-final basketball game in Ottawa.  That should be interesting.

The Western Mustangs drop one local team from the CIS basketball championships.  They have to go through the other today. (The CIS Blog)

Some hockey love in New York at the expense of Derek Jeter.  Serves him right for dumping Minka Kelly. (Wall Street Journal)

China regains non-stop karaoke record from Finland for the third time.  I know China is trying to take over the world but why do this? (Daily Telegraph)

Only in Canada: Prisoners in Saskatchewan spend four months using nail clippers to break out. (Reuters)

While Sony and Microsoft are cutting prices for their video game consoles, Nintendo UK is raising prices by around $35 Canadian. (Forbes)

The guy who came up with the idea for the internet says the future of the web lies with mobile phones. (BBC)

Michael Jackson is still popular apparently.  His 50 concert series sold out in hours. (CBC)  And speaking of the King of Pop, Simon Cowell is trying to get him to appear on X Factor (Britain’s equivalent to American Idol). (RTE)

Britain’s top car authority, Jeremy Clarkson, isn’t a fan of the Toyota iQ or his chauffeur in Hong Kong. (Times Online)

And today’s bit of YouTubery, Chris Bosh follows in the footsteps of Brian Williams, Elvis, and Colin Mochrie in doing a celebrity weather forecast on CTV in Toronto. Continue reading

Morning Link-Off: The Sens Have Lady Problems

I’m trying the day-long blogging thing again.  If you have any tips, send them in to thelowdown@live.ca.

The Sens traded for secondary scoring but Mike Comrie’s tougher half is in the stands. (Us Magazine)  Carrie Underwood mocks Duff’s attempts to make a spectacle of herself at a hockey game. (YouTube)

Carlos Delgado wants your bank account information. (Sports Rubbish)

Ovi proves that he is clinically insane. (Total Pro Sports)

While most teams are freezing ticket prices, the Make Believes continue to gouge their fans. (CNBC)

The prosecutor changes the charges in The Pirate Bay trial.  It’s still the most important trial in the history of the interweb. (The Guardian)

Bud Selig is being paid $17 million to run baseball into the ground while Roger Goodell is getting paid less and willing to take a 20% pay cut. (Reuters)

ESPN may contribute most of Disney’s total revenue but costs are expected to go up. (Wall Street Journal)

As a door slowly closes on Williams, a window opens for the F1 team formerly known as Honda. (Daily Telegraph)

You may not have heard but Tiger played a round of golf yesterday. (Sky Sports)

Spiderman is going to Broadway with Bono and The Edge. (CBC)

In tribute of Steven Page leaving the Barenaked Ladies (Toronto Star), here’s BNL butchering The Hockey Theme.

Well, it might have been passable without the lyrics.  Sorry for ruining your morning with that.