Morning Link-Off: The Sens Have Lady Problems

I’m trying the day-long blogging thing again.  If you have any tips, send them in to

The Sens traded for secondary scoring but Mike Comrie’s tougher half is in the stands. (Us Magazine)  Carrie Underwood mocks Duff’s attempts to make a spectacle of herself at a hockey game. (YouTube)

Carlos Delgado wants your bank account information. (Sports Rubbish)

Ovi proves that he is clinically insane. (Total Pro Sports)

While most teams are freezing ticket prices, the Make Believes continue to gouge their fans. (CNBC)

The prosecutor changes the charges in The Pirate Bay trial.  It’s still the most important trial in the history of the interweb. (The Guardian)

Bud Selig is being paid $17 million to run baseball into the ground while Roger Goodell is getting paid less and willing to take a 20% pay cut. (Reuters)

ESPN may contribute most of Disney’s total revenue but costs are expected to go up. (Wall Street Journal)

As a door slowly closes on Williams, a window opens for the F1 team formerly known as Honda. (Daily Telegraph)

You may not have heard but Tiger played a round of golf yesterday. (Sky Sports)

Spiderman is going to Broadway with Bono and The Edge. (CBC)

In tribute of Steven Page leaving the Barenaked Ladies (Toronto Star), here’s BNL butchering The Hockey Theme.

Well, it might have been passable without the lyrics.  Sorry for ruining your morning with that.


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