Steve’s Ridiculous 2012 NHL Trade Deadline Predictions

Every year, I like to play the unique role of outside insider slash prognosticator slash comedian with my annual ridiculous predictions series of posts. This time out, I’m making my ridiculous predictions for the NHL Trade Deadline. After all, when experts and reporters talk about deals at the trade deadline, they always think that teams will make deals that make sense for all involved. In reality, the NHL doesn’t work that way. Players have no-trade clauses in their contracts and some GMs have no sense whatsoever. So let’s take a fun look at this year’s NHL trade deadline. Continue reading

Lowdown Blog 2012 NHL All-Star Game Results

For the last couple of years, we’ve been having fun with the new format of NHL All-Star Game by drafting our own teams. Let’s cap off our coverage with a statistical analysis of who would have won if our two teams had actually faced off. Our readers were pretty split as to whether Jackie or Steve had selected the superior group of All-Stars. But let’s dissect the teams with some fancy maths to find out whose team was most likely to win the big game.

Let’s take a look at the two rosters and their stats from the real NHL All-Star Game. Continue reading

2012 NHL All-Star Game Mock Fantasy Draft

This year’s NHL All-Star Game is continuing the unique format that made quite a splash last year. For the second year, two team captains will get a chance to draft their own All-Star teams to play with in the NHL All-Star Fantasy Draft. Now Jackie and I thought this sounded like a good idea so we decided to do our own All-Star Game mock draft. We’d alternate picks until we both had 21 man rosters like the real thing.

So how did our mock draft play out? Our draft results after the jump. Continue reading

NHL All-Star Game Fan Voting Is Broken; Here’s How To Fix It

The very public ballot box stuffing campaigns of the past seemed to be missing in this year’s NHL All-Star fan voting. However, very quietly, the fans of the Ottawa Senators and Toronto Maple Leafs stuffed the ballot boxes to get their boys into the game as starters. In fact, of the six starters voted in by fans, four are Sens and one is a Make Believe. Eight of the top-nine vote getter played for one of the two Ontario teams.

It has become painfully obvious that the current system of fan voting is broken. Whether the ballot stuffing campaigns are public or not, NHL fans are clearly not using their power to vote in All-Star starters to vote for the best players in the league but as a means to execute some sort of cruel joke on hockey fans everywhere. It’s time that the current system is scrapped in favour of one that mitigates the risk of blatant fan tampering with the All-Star Game. Continue reading

Best Images of the 2012 NHL Winter Classic

Since 2008, the biggest game of NHL’s regular season has been the New Year’s outdoor game called the Winter Classic. The fifth edition of the game saw the classic rivalry between the Philadelphia Flyers and New York Rangers take center stage. The game was originally scheduled to start early in the afternoon but concerns over glare forced it to be pushed back two hours. The result was a great game that looked spectacular under the lights of Citizens Bank Park as the scene shifted from day to night. Here are some of the best images of this year’s NHL Winter Classic. Continue reading

2011-12 NHL Preview The Musical: 30 Teams, 30 Songs

The new NHL season is just a couple of days away after a spectacular seven-game Stanley Cup Final saw Boston lift the Stanley Cup for the first time since 1972. For the first time in a few years, it doesn’t look like much of a changing of the guard heading into this year. Around here, we have a unique way to preview the upcoming season. We compare every team in the league to a song. Continue reading

Join The Lowdown Blog 2011-12 Fantasy Hockey Pool

It’s time once again for the annual Lowdown Blog Fantasy Hockey Pool. We’ve created our fantasy hockey league over on the TSN/ESPN fantasy website. It’s a public pool so anyone can join. As with last year, if we run out of space in the first pool, we’ll create a second one. It’s a head-to-head league with the winner of each match-up based on winning the most of the nine categories (G, A, +/-, PIM, SOG, STP [Special Teams Points], W, GAA, SV%) in play kinda like the old Yahoo pools we all used to play. Each team has 20 roster spots with nine forwards, four defencemen and two goalies starting each night. Continue reading