Sunday Link-Off: Double Duty

I’m sure you figured it out but on double duty this weekend. Kicking off today’s linkdump is Strictly Come Sequins champ Nicole Scherzinger. She has more talent doing this than singing or dancing.

So the Lakers won the NBA championship. As Tim Donaghy explains, the league probably had a hand in the outcome. (Deadspin)

Back-to-back draws hasn’t soured the people of England. They’re still going all out to support their Three Lions. (The Spoiler)

A while back, I posted a link to promotion posters for each of the 32 World Cup teams. Well, what if instead of posters to promote team, they used edgy slogans. (Seth Curry Saves Duke)

After the link, Green makes the save, I Can Has an online empire, and people who you hate to watch sports with.

I’m sure you’ve noticed but there’s a fair whack of ugly dives in the World Cup so far but they pale in comparison to this list of the top ten dives of the millenium. (It’s Always Sunny In Detroit)

Job security is not something you have if you make your living in a foam pierogi suit. The employee of the Pittsburgh Pirates critiqued a personnel move on Facebook and was quickly dismissed. (ESPN)

Ex-Fighting Irish football coach Lou Holtz thinks Notre Dame should join the Big Ten. That’s probably the senility talking especially since his current employer, ESPN, is trying to make a deal with the SEC. (Deadspin)

The editors of IGN handed out their best of E3 awards. Note the heavy anti-likely big selling games slant. (IGN)

A bit on the random side but did you know that the I Can Has Cheezburger website has spawned a whole empire? (New York Times)

In today’s first photo gallery, it’s the 15 people that you hate watching games with. (Sports Pickle)

In the second photo gallery, it’s an in-depth look at the Paraguayan fan who kept her cellphone front and centre. (Deadspin)

Perhaps coming soon to a podcast edition of It Came From YouTube, a Japanese man beat boxes the Super Mario Brothers music.

In a sign that people on the internet have too much time on their hands, somebody edited last week’s England-USA game so Robert Green actually made the save.


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