Best Images of the 2012 NHL Winter Classic

Since 2008, the biggest game of NHL’s regular season has been the New Year’s outdoor game called the Winter Classic. The fifth edition of the game saw the classic rivalry between the Philadelphia Flyers and New York Rangers take center stage. The game was originally scheduled to start early in the afternoon but concerns over glare forced it to be pushed back two hours. The result was a great game that looked spectacular under the lights of Citizens Bank Park as the scene shifted from day to night. Here are some of the best images of this year’s NHL Winter Classic.

Images from 30fpsSports Illustrated and Yahoo Sports.

2 thoughts on “Best Images of the 2012 NHL Winter Classic

  1. Hi, Steve. I’ve been searching to acquire a copy of an image of the fighter jet fly-over @ the 2012 Winter Classic; (similar to the 3rd image posted above). I’ve tried Getty images, etc, who was clearly disinterested in selling to individual consumers. Anything you could do to help me land a copy of the image (or similar), I would be very much appreciative.


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