Formula One: 2015 Jerez Test Recap

Usually the Formula One off-season seems to last forever before the stars of F1’s travelling circus return to the track for pre-season testing. However, if the two-month layoff between Abu Dhabi and Jerez seemed short to you, imagine how short it must have seemed for the teams.

After this first test, the off-season probably seemed far too short for McLaren who barely got any running in over the four days. Lotus was also hoping for a longer break as they missed the first day because they only fired their new Mercedes engine for the first time the day before the test began.

Up front, two of the familiar suspects found themselves frequently near the front of the timesheets with a very unexpected pair of faces in the top two all week.

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Formula One: 2014 Jerez Test Recap

The 2014 Formula One season doesn’t kickoff properly for another month-and-a-half but pre-season testing starts early as the teams try to get their heads around new engines, new energy recovery systems (ERS) and a new rules package for the cars. From the looks of last week’s test in Jerez, some teams are going to need all the time they can get to get sorted for this season.

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Formula One: 2013 Jerez Test Recap

Formula One is back in action for another year with the start of pre-season testing. The first of 2013’s tests was at Spain’s Jerez Circuit which doesn’t host a race on the Grand Prix calendar so the teams and drivers weren’t putting much stock in the results. In fact, Fernando Alonso couldn’t even be bothered to show up to this test. That didn’t mean that Ferrari wasn’t fast last week, though. Continue reading

Formula One: 2012 Jerez Test Recap

It seems like only yesterday that the 2011 Formula One World Championship ended at the Brazilian Grand Prix. Really, it almost was yesterday as we’re less than two-and-a-half months removed from the last race of 2011. However, the rules changes banning exhaust-blown diffusers and lowering nose heights has drastically changed the look of F1 to the point where you feel as though you’re years rather than months removed from last season.

Before the 2012 Formula One World Championship can start, we have to shakedown the new cars. That brought the driver and teams of Formula One to the Jerez circuit for the first of three pre-season tests of the year. Continue reading

Formula One: 2011 Jerez Test Recap

The second week of F1 testing ahead of the 2011 season started on a somber note after Robert Kubica’s accident the weekend prior in a rally in Italy. All the teams carried get well soon messages on their cars. Three different drivers ran the Lotus Renault GP R31 in testing and one even topped the time sheet during the third day’s running. This week’s testing saw many more names atop the daily time sheets than last week’s. Continue reading

Formula One: Jerez Test Week 2 Recap

After four days of nearly total wet weather running last week, eleven of this year’s F1 entrants were back at the Jerez Circuit in Spain for four more days of testing. For the second straight week, it was supposed to be a wet winter week in Spain as the teams battled the weather and each other for testing supremacy. However, everyone caught a break as the final two days dried out and the speeds picked up. This week also saw the debut of Lotus to run alongside fellow new entrant Virgin F1. The week’s testing time and analysis after the jump. Continue reading

Formula One: Jerez Testing Recap

The spiritual home of Formula One testing was the host to the second week of F1 pre-season testing. It was also host to the first wet weather running of 2010 as three of the four testing days were plagued by rain. While it’s good experience for the teams to see how their cars perform with low grip, it adds another layer of deception to the times the teams lay down. Not only are speeds affected by fuel loads but the track conditions when the time is set. So who is looking good in the biggest test of the winter so far? Times and analysis after the jump. Continue reading