Wednesday Link-Off: Funny Business

tricia-helfer-maxim09-17Something not funny is how ridiculously hot Tricia Helfer is. Almost makes me regret missing Battlestar Whatever.

The internet is making us all comedians. The only problem is that I’m less funny on the internet than in person and on radio. (Washington Post)

Case in point for the above: With Halloween around the corner, it was only appropriate that Colonel Sanders rose from the grave to visit the United Nations. (Daily Telegraph)

If you’re a Chicago Bears fan, I’d take this as a sign that you should be begging Roger Goodell to void the summer’s big trade. (Tremendous Upside)

After the jump, hockey in England, screwing sports folks, and in some good and bad driving.

A great read about an ex-NHLer who bounced around the minors until he ended up in England. (BBC)

Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder has taken his ball and gone home. In the name of “safety,” the Redskins have banned signs from home games… Mostly because they’re anti-Snyder signs. (DC Sports Bog)

The World Series starts tonight in the Bronx. If you’re planning on going, I would be careful picking where you walk. (New York Times)

We all like to dream that we win the big cash giveaway at the big game. On the other side of the dough, the insurance company underwriting the contest is dreaming up ways to screw you. (St. Pete Times)

Speaking of getting screwed, a high school cross country was screwed by a dumb clothing rule. I guess white stitching on dark shorts is distracting for everyone looking behind them. (Deadspin)

And keeping with Deadspin, they’ve had some fun over the last few days. They’re being sued and there was that whole fun with ESPN. (Time)

My hometown junior hockey team, the Soo Greyhounds, made the news. For what I call the right reasons but others think it’s a bit of a violent disgrace. (Total Pro Sports) And is it just me or is this guy better with his cell phone camera than most of TSN’s pro guys with HD cameras.

Keeping with hockey, here’s a look at some of the early trends in the NHL’s attendance. Fortunately, less people are going to Make Believes games. They’re finally learning. (From The Rink)

On an old episode of the radio show, I mentioned that I wasn’t a fan of Chris Cornell’s latest album. Without Timbaland producing, it’s actually pretty good. (Explore Music)

Today’s photo gallery brings us to tonight’s kickoff of the World Series. And what’s better to kick off the Fall Classic than a separated at birth photo gallery. (Sports Illustrated)

Super slow-motion makes everything look cooler. Add music and you have an awesome montage.

And here I thought that BMW’s weren’t that good at off-roading. This driver does some extreme hill climbing… In the parking lot.

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