2015 Hottest Canadian Final: Laura Vandervoort vs. Trish Stratus

Our second Hottest Canadian bracket has taken us from 32 of the hottest Canadian women in the world to 16 to 8 to 4 and now to the last two women standing. As was the case the last time, the favourites have fallen to the side and we are left with two underdogs battling to be crowned the hottest woman from Canada.

In one corner is retired seven-time women’s wrestling champion turned yoga guru Trish Stratus. In the other corner is actress Laura Vandervoort who is looking to join former Smallville castmate Kristin Kreuk who was our first Hottest Canadian champion.

Who will be crowned the Hottest Canadian of 2015?

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Sunday Link-Off: End The Games Before They Really Begin

laura-vandervoort-maxim14-04I’m going to warn you that if you’re looking for coverage of Olympic sports, you’ve come to the wrong place. I am in no mood to celebrate “the world coming together.” There are bigger fish to fry in Sochi. There will be Olympic coverage but I promise that sports fans won’t be interested.

But since it’s Sunday, I’ll have the column tomorrow. For now, it’s time for the links. Here’s Laura Vandervoort.

Not all Russians are as heartless as Vlad Putin and cronies. A hastily assembled dog rescue effort backed by a Russian billionaire is trying to rescue as many strays from Sochi as possible before the government-hired contractor kills them. (New York Times)

So it turns out that Sochi is ready for sports but not ready for anyone or anything else at these Olympics. Hotels for media have been an utter embarrassment for a supposed first-world country that was supposedly ready to host the Olympics. Then again, it’s probably just a way to distract the media from Russian gay bashing and dog killing. Why are you supporting these Olympics by buying the merchandise and watching the events? (Washington Post)

By the way, how did we all miss the symbolism of Germany’s rainbow uniforms? (Sports Grid)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Better Yet, Don’t Call Me

For a post-Memorial Day blog, I’ve ended up with more links than I expected. Usually this is one of the quieter blog weeks of the year. Christmas/New Year’s is the only quieter week. Out of spite, here’s Canadian actress Laura Vandervoort.

In case you didn’t know, the Department of Homeland Security is monitoring what you write on social networking sites. Thanks to a Freedom of Information Act request, we now know which words trigger their filter. (Forbes)

The Republicans are bitching about how awful Obama is but some of his supporters aren’t too happy about the last four years either. (Gawker)

Boxer Johnny Tapia died this weekend. He was probably best known for having a 4-1 record against death having been pronounced clinically dead four times prior to the last time. (Deadspin)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Higher Education

Since tomorrow is American Thanksgiving, let’s start with Canada’s Laura Vandervoort.

A retiring academic writer-for-hire tells the story of cheating that he aids and in how desperate need for help some people are. (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

We’ve heard all sorts of those stories about high school students sleeping with their teachers and we also knew that it would eventually come to this: A teacher is pregnant thanks to her taboo affair. (ABC News)

Rupert Murdoch’s next step in brainwashing the masses changing the face of journalism: An iPad only newspaper. (Mashable)

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