Sunday Link-Off: End The Games Before They Really Begin

laura-vandervoort-maxim14-04I’m going to warn you that if you’re looking for coverage of Olympic sports, you’ve come to the wrong place. I am in no mood to celebrate “the world coming together.” There are bigger fish to fry in Sochi. There will be Olympic coverage but I promise that sports fans won’t be interested.

But since it’s Sunday, I’ll have the column tomorrow. For now, it’s time for the links. Here’s Laura Vandervoort.

Not all Russians are as heartless as Vlad Putin and cronies. A hastily assembled dog rescue effort backed by a Russian billionaire is trying to rescue as many strays from Sochi as possible before the government-hired contractor kills them. (New York Times)

So it turns out that Sochi is ready for sports but not ready for anyone or anything else at these Olympics. Hotels for media have been an utter embarrassment for a supposed first-world country that was supposedly ready to host the Olympics. Then again, it’s probably just a way to distract the media from Russian gay bashing and dog killing. Why are you supporting these Olympics by buying the merchandise and watching the events? (Washington Post)

By the way, how did we all miss the symbolism of Germany’s rainbow uniforms? (Sports Grid)

Are you looking for other reasons to boycott the Sochi Olympics? There’s always Magary’s haters guide. (Deadspin)

What does it say about the state of America when former governor Jesse Ventura goes off the grid to avoid drones and surveillance? (Politico)

Bill Clinton allegedly had a year-long affair with Elizabeth Hurley. As funny as that story is, it’s just not as interesting as JFK’s alleged affair with Marilyn Monroe. (Daily Telegraph)

Speaking of Slick Willy, Senator Rand Paul has made a habit of attacking Clinton of late. But since he’s not running for office or in any position of power, why? (Washington Post)

Rob Ford’s mortal nemesis (and amazing reporter) Robyn Doolittle was on The Daily Show on Thursday. She spills the details of being on the show. (Toronto Star)

And let’s go back to sports. Sports journalism isn’t threatening to be taken very seriously when most reporters can’t come up with questions more creative than “Can you talk about…” (National Sports Journalism Center) It also won’t get far when sports journalists can’t spell “centre” correctly.

The Olympic break can’t come soon enough for the Edmonton Oilers who have fallen apart after starting the season with high expectations. They have being terrible down to an art form. (MacLean’s)

It’s a rarity that the WWE acknowledges other promotions but their website recently did a feature on how wrestlers from Ring of Honor have changed the in-ring style of the WWE. (

Now that Leno is done (for now), Jerry Seinfeld examines the relationship between Leno and long-time rival David Letterman. (New York Times)

Perhaps you’d rather read a Leno retrospective that includes the line “Leno may have been bad, but he was good at being bad.” (AV Club)

All the Jeopardy greats have their own strategies that take them to greatness but Arthur Chu’s unorthodox strategy is pissing off Jeopardy fans. (Kotaku)

Justin Bieber’s private flight to the Super Bowl was met at the airport by Customs and DEA officials because of all the pot smoke on the flight. The kid is basically having a public meltdown. If the US justice system did to Bieber what it did to minorities and the poor, he’d get straightened out in a jail cell pretty quickly. (NBC News)

I teased tomorrow’s column already but here’s a better idea of what you’re going to get into if you read tomorrow’s big column.

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