Wednesday Link-Off: Higher Education

Since tomorrow is American Thanksgiving, let’s start with Canada’s Laura Vandervoort.

A retiring academic writer-for-hire tells the story of cheating that he aids and in how desperate need for help some people are. (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

We’ve heard all sorts of those stories about high school students sleeping with their teachers and we also knew that it would eventually come to this: A teacher is pregnant thanks to her taboo affair. (ABC News)

Rupert Murdoch’s next step in brainwashing the masses changing the face of journalism: An iPad only newspaper. (Mashable)

After the jump, Hilary Duff will be the next celeb to have nude photos leaked if the internet has taught me anything, balance the US budget and Crosby’s up to some new tricks.

The editor-in-chief of Britain’s The Guardian newspaper outlines fifteen things that Twitter does effectively that media organizations should be using it for. (Guardian)

It must be my political nerdiness but I think this interactive balance the US budget deficit game that the Times put together is pretty neat. Yeah, I’m that boring. (New York Times) I do the best of both worlds in my attempts: TAX AND DON’T SPEND!!!

Our favourite football writer Buzz Bissinger looks at the hypocrisy of the NFL’s helmet-to-helmet hit policy. (New York Daily News)

Speaking of NFL hypocrisy, the NFL Network is going to re-air tomorrow night’s game on Saturday without any play-by-play. They go out and get Millen and Theissman and subject us to those two and we have to wait two days to get rid of them. Give me a break. (With Leather)

Mike Comrie is a lucky SOB. He plays for the Penguins which means he’ll have a long playoff run, he’ll be in the Winter Classic and he’ll be on HBO’s 24/7. Well, there’s also the fact that he’s married to Hilary Duff and she sexts him a lot. (Sportress of Blogitude)

Sadly it looks like the wooden stick is dead in the NHL. The last holdouts switched to composite last season. (Montreal Gazette)

Poor Detroit Red Wings fans are being foiled by corporate tyranny. Arby’s is no longer giving out free curly fries after a Wings’ hat trick. Time to fight the good fight. (Puck Daddy)

Remember that old promo for Spike TV where the guy plays women’s field hockey to “get more action” (or whatever their slogan was). Turns out there’s a dude in Wyoming who’s doing it for real. (Out of Bounds)

Gran Turismo 5 is out today! I’m picking my copy up later on today but for now, I’ll just have to make do with this collection of gameplay videos. (IGN)

Today’s celebrities are shilling something else beyond the usual endorsed crap: They’re selling permanent adolescence. (The Awl)

In his last ELO, Jackie had the photo gallery of sports stars done up as movie characters for ESPN: The Magazine. Today, I have photoshops of sports stars inserted into movies. (Daddy’s Sugar Ball Part 1Daddy’s Sugar Ball Part 2)

With the Formula One season in the books, here’s a look at some of the more spectacular visual moments of the season. (Top Gear)

Since I mentioned HBO’s 24/7, here’s a preview of HBO 24/7 Penguins/Capitals: The Road to the Winter Classic.

And since I mentioned Sid, here he is trying his hand at a trick shot. Now the debate rages: Real or fake?

Here’s the wrecking ball trying to take down the Philadelphia Spectrum. Naturally, the Philly fans in attendance boo.

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