Sunday Link-Off: Summer Sizzler

It’s time for the Sunday links right before Labour Day. And since you can’t wear white after Labour Day (or something like that), here’s Kate Winslet wearing white.

Last week, we looked at how to pair wine with food. Well, you can also pair beer with food. (Wall Street Journal)

If you want to watch the next Yankees/Red Sox game, I’d think about skipping the beer and go for coffee instead. These two teams officially play baseball’s most inexplicably long games. (New York Times)

Fred Taylor signed a one-day contract with Jacksonville so he could retire a Jaguar. But how exactly does a one-day contract work? Barry Petchesky investigates the answer to a question I’ve never heard anyone ask. After reading this, you’ll wonder why nobody asked before. (Deadspin)

After the jump, who you’ll meet in university, how Vince McMahon’s money can actually save wrestling, and Clarkson talks about Halo.

Hulk Hogan was supposed to be the savior of the former TNA Wrestling (now Impact Wrestling) but he is helping mismanage the company to the point where it could be a detriment to the whole of pro wrestling. That’s why Vince McMahon may have to monopolize wrestling again. Not to dominate the competitive landscape but to preserve it. (Smoking Section)

Bad news for MMA/wrestling fans: Rumour has it that doctors are advising Brock Lesnar to retire. Well, he had a good run as MMA’s top draw. (Rumors and Rants)

A picture has leaked of Hope Solo in a dress rehearsal/practice for Dancing With The Stars. She’s been ducking questions about how looks influence the popularity of women’s sports recently. This picture isn’t going to change anyone’s opinion about what makes men watch women’s sports. (Sportress of Blogitude)

It’s move-in weekend for Canadian colleges and universities this weekend. So why not take a look at the 14 people who frosh are going to meet in rez this year. (Guyism)

And this year’s frosh are going to hear a lot of bullshit about killing their brains while away at college. However, most of what they here is actually bullshit. Here are six frequently heard facts that aren’t actually facts. (Cracked)

One thing I can guarantee about university is that most folks will have CrackBerries and iPhones. But those who have iPhones will upgrade to iPhone 5s soon because that’s what Apple people do. They spend money first and ask questions (like is it any good) later. Here’s what we can expect on the iPhone 5. (Gizmodo)

Jackie was busy this weekend so we didn’t do the quiz this week. If you want to give it a try, here it is. (BBC News) In case you were wondering, I scored a respectable 4/7.

This week’s photo gallery is really a GIF collection. It’s the best sports GIFs of August. (SB Nation)

Looking for an epic NSFW podcast to listen to? Kevin Smith joined Joe Rogan on his podcast. (The Joe Rogan Experience)

The Warthog from Halo is supposed to be in Forza Motorsport 4. That game just happens to have Top Gear integration in it too. Naturally, that means it’s time for a Jeremy Clarkson review of it.

Looking to improve the creativity of your profanity? You should probably seek the advice of the cast of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

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