Wednesday Link-Off: Story Time

It’s Wednesday which means that the we weren’t destroyed by a giant asteroid last night. To celebrate not being obliterated, here is Kat Dennings. Insert easy “heavenly bodies” joke here.

By now, I’m sure you’ve read all about the Penn State sexual abuse scandal. I don’t think you need me adding my two cents but Drew Magary has a theory as to why Joe Paterno didn’t do more than go to his AD. (Deadspin)

Never one to let a good story make people feel happy, The Atlantic is trying to poke holes in the story of Navy SEAL Team 6 catching Osama Bin Laden. (The Atlantic Wire)

Yogi Berra goes to see Moneyball. I don’t think the movie ended until the fat lady sang. (Wall Street Journal)

After the jump, a big anniversary for David Lynch, an apparent CBS programming fail and Triumph visits Occupy Wall Street.

What’s the most popular thing at every party? The classic red Solo cup. Here’s how it rose to fame and evolved over the years. (NPR)

It’s the 25th anniversary of the David Lynch classic Blue Velvet. Here’s a story of the how Lynch and Kyle MacLachlan became such a great team. (Split Sider)

Or if you’d rather read about Blue Velvet, there’s also a detailed story about that. (Slate)

On a lighter note when it comes to college football, here’s a look at life of a USC Song Girl. (Fox Sports West)

The New York Times has discovered a crisis plaguing America. The start of Sunday primetime shows on CBS is being delayed by NFL overruns. (Deadspin) For once, Fox is doing something right with their programming.

With Modern Warfare 3 coming out yesterday, you know the debate over video game violence is about to pickup again. But those studies are actually a load of shit. (Gamma Squad)

Someone drew up an illustration of Community’s Advanced Chaos Theory episode as a board game. Someone needs to actually make this game. (Uproxx)

There’s actually something called the American Licence Plate Collectors Association. For their 40th anniversary, they named the best collectors licence plate complete with a nominees list. But one of those nominees doesn’t quite belong. (Jalopnik)

Our first video of the day couldn’t be embedded thanks to the restrictive platform we blog on. It’s a spoof video called Top Chef: Dads. (Warming Glow)

We need Conan back in New York. He has so many good moments there. For his return to NYC, he brought back Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.

I said there was only one man who could sort out the Justin Bieber mess: Maury Povich. Well, somebody is ahead of me on that with this video of Bieber on Maury.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, the new console generation is just a bit better than the previous one. For proof, check out this video putting GTA V next to GTA SA.


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