Wednesday Link-Off: Story Time

It’s Wednesday which means that the we weren’t destroyed by a giant asteroid last night. To celebrate not being obliterated, here is Kat Dennings. Insert easy “heavenly bodies” joke here.

By now, I’m sure you’ve read all about the Penn State sexual abuse scandal. I don’t think you need me adding my two cents but Drew Magary has a theory as to why Joe Paterno didn’t do more than go to his AD. (Deadspin)

Never one to let a good story make people feel happy, The Atlantic is trying to poke holes in the story of Navy SEAL Team 6 catching Osama Bin Laden. (The Atlantic Wire)

Yogi Berra goes to see Moneyball. I don’t think the movie ended until the fat lady sang. (Wall Street Journal)

After the jump, a big anniversary for David Lynch, an apparent CBS programming fail and Triumph visits Occupy Wall Street. Continue reading


Not News of the Week

If it’s not worth talking about, then it must be time for the Not News of the Week.

A woman in PEI was pulled over by the RCMP where they smelled marijuana in the car. She admitted to having it in the car so she was taken in. On the way to the police station, the officer still smelled marijuana (and he had yet to “examine” the evidence). She searched the woman and found another bag of marijuana in the woman’s bra. I know some women pad their bras but that has to be the first padding where everyone wins. Continue reading