Wednesday Link-Off: When Life Interrupts

It’s time for the Wednesday links. Here’s Kat Dennings who is in the upcoming movie Thor… Yeah, that’s all I’ve got on her.

Tom Bissell was an award-winning writer until he fell into a slightly Grand Theft Auto lifestyle. This is his story. (The Guardian)

As is increasingly becoming the case, social media keeps getting in the way of real life. (Wall Street Journal)

And I thought this was an interesting article. Romantic breakups and rejections actually register in the same part of the brain as physical pain. (Fox News)

After the jump, Chris Pronger is winning, your perfect Facebook girlfriend and the Mighty Ducks rap.

The first season of the year is in the books. Winter, that is. Not football. Anyway, here are the best sports GIFs of winter. (SB Nation)

The NHL has a new fan, kinda, in Charlie Sheen. He and Chris Pronger are winning. (Puck Daddy)

Winning slightly less is Alex Ovechkin. Ovi is on the cover of a magazine that has a dentist headline. (Off the Bench)

In case you haven’t figured out, Bill Murray is pretty good entertainment at golf tournaments. (Sportress of Blogitude)

I was out of town last weekend so I missed the opening F1 race of the season. Fortunately, Jalopnik has a pretty good recap of the race here. (Jalopnik)

The highlight of the Washington Nationals season has already happened. They appeared on American Dad. (DC Sports Bog)

Why do Canadian internet service providers want usage-based billing? To stop people from using the internet. (Boing Boing)

UWO bingo? Winning! (Syrup Trap)

Now two things that I (and most men) could use. First, “Dear Cab Driver” napkins for those crazy nights out. (Cool Material)

Somebody has come up with the greatest invention in the history of social media. It’s a fake girlfriend that will really interact with you. (Guyism)

A Mighty Ducks gangster rap? The greatest thing since the Flying V.


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