Sunday Link-Off: Go Big

I know we’re still some weeks away from the premiere of Fast Five but here’s Jordana Brewster who is the only reason to watch it near as I can figure.

The gang at MLB Trade Rumors had one of the biggest finds of the year when they published a Major League Baseball contract. Here’s a look at the more fascinating points found on a standard contract. (Business Insider)

It looks like the Big Four North American sports leagues are going to go global sooner or later. But just how will they look when they go worldwide? (Unathletic)

Sex and politics haven’t really gone together since the political administration. That isn’t stopping one ex-staffer from telling all in an upcoming book. (Washington Post)

After the jump, all about cricket, Rick Rolling Oregon and NBA lockout attack ads. Continue reading

Breaking News: Chuck Renewed!

chuck 3So there is a TV God out there! While the official word will come out during the NBC’s presentation, multiple sources indicate Chuck received a 13 episode renewal, but there is a catch! Continue reading

The Chuck Season Finale Primer

On Monday, Chuck wraps up its second season. A big rating would go a long way to keeping it on NBC. Of course, it’s not just Chuck that’s “on the bubble.” Now that Jay Leno is doing five hours a week in primetime, a lot of NBC shows are on the verge of cancellation. However, Chuck is the best of the bunch. So to get you to watch the finale, I’ve put together a little visual recap of the season to catch you up. Continue reading