Sunday Link-Off: Go Big

I know we’re still some weeks away from the premiere of Fast Five but here’s Jordana Brewster who is the only reason to watch it near as I can figure.

The gang at MLB Trade Rumors had one of the biggest finds of the year when they published a Major League Baseball contract. Here’s a look at the more fascinating points found on a standard contract. (Business Insider)

It looks like the Big Four North American sports leagues are going to go global sooner or later. But just how will they look when they go worldwide? (Unathletic)

Sex and politics haven’t really gone together since the political administration. That isn’t stopping one ex-staffer from telling all in an upcoming book. (Washington Post)

After the jump, all about cricket, Rick Rolling Oregon and NBA lockout attack ads.

It’s a tradition unlike any other. I’m not talking about The Masters. I’m talking about Jim Nantz’s bad puns. Before today’s final round of The Masters, maybe you should look at Nantz’s notebook to see what he’ll say about the winner. (Sports Pickle)

I’ve just taken up Indian Premiere League cricket as a sport to watch when there’s nothing else on. If you want to find out what all the fuss about cricket is, might I recommend reading this Cricket 101. (Sportsnet)

A Chicago radio personality went to Wrigley Field on opening day and found himself someone claiming to be the Cubs’ biggest fan. It’s debatable if she is the Cubs’ biggest fan but she definitely is the drunkest. (WBEZ)

With all the video games being adapted into movies recently, you might have noticed that none of Rockstar’s games are making the jump to the silver screen. That’s because even they realize that most game movies are shit. (Kotaku)

The World Bank is running out of things to look at. A recent study they published shows that selling virtual goods (i.e. stuff in video games) in the real world (for real cash) is a $3 billion a year industry. (Engadget)

Back to politics for a moment. Some state legislators in Oregon had some fun on April Fools Day by covertly Rick Rolling the state legislature. (Yahoo News)

I’m pretty sure we’ve linked to Twitter rules posts before but let’s keep going so you watch out for bad habits. It’s another 20 tweets you shouldn’t be sending. (Daily Telegraph) Full disclosure: I’ve sent out tweets 1, 7, 17 and 20.

Think your last night out at the bar was painful? Some folks at Real Sports in Toronto feels your pain and then some… To the tune of some $1,700 more than my last night out. (BuzzFeed)

The guys at The Basketball Jones do the damn thing again. They’ve mocked up great political attack ads for the impending NBA lockout.

The Canuckleheads are the latest ones to do a cover of Friday. It’s only appropriate that we run this with the playoffs coming up.

What happens when Angry Birds takes over the Enterprise? A great mashup and an intergalactic incident.

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