Breaking News: Chuck Renewed!

chuck 3So there is a TV God out there! While the official word will come out during the NBC’s presentation, multiple sources indicate Chuck received a 13 episode renewal, but there is a catch!

NBC and Warner Bros. have been going back and forth regarding budget issues, which led to the delay in the Chuck renewal annoucement. They have finally come to an agreement, but it involves a budget cut. How will that affect the show? First of all, the supporting cast members would be appearing in fewer episodes (expect less Jeffster!) and two of the staff writers are also let go. Let’s hope the remaining writing staff can retain the awesomeness of season 2.

NBC has the option to give the show the back 9 order, but whether the network exercises it remains to be seen. It’ll likely depend on the show’s performance this fall.

In the meantime, back to the good news. Chuck is coming back! Viva Buymoria! Oh wait…

In other Chuck related news…

Yvonne Strahovski cracked into the Maxim Hot 100 at #94. Seriously? Only 94? She’s definitely hotter than most of the people on that list! How did those silicone-filled girls from The Hills outrank her?!

On the bright side, Jordana Brewster (aka Chuck’s ex Jill) landed the #9 spot. Phew, just when I thought there is no justice in the world, at least they got something right.

For the full list click here.

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