Man Lab: The Complete Bro Code

Fans of the hit TV series How I Met Your Mother know all about Barney Stinson’s Bro Code. It’s the 150 edicts that bros should live by. Since we’re fans of Neil Patrick Harris and HIMYM here are The Lowdown Blog, we think it’s only appropriate that the Man Lab brings you the Bro Code so you have a handy reference of all the rules guys should live by. Continue reading


Entertainment Link-Off: Chick Flicks Don’t Suck!

This weekend at the box office it’s priests vs. vampires or a fun raunchy comedy featuring bridesmaids. While the former is garnering negative reviews, the latter flick is getting rave reviews across the board. Rose Byrne struts her comedic chops once again in the Judd Apatow produced comedy, so it might be worth checking out Bridesmaids at the theatres after all.

After the jump, NBC doesn’t like Wonder Woman, Two and A Half Men lives on, Gandalf in 3D, minor tidbits on the latest How I Met Your Mother, Scrabble added some non-words into their dictionary and Michael Bolton is a cinephile! Continue reading

Entertainment Link-Off: Nothing Suits Me Like A Suit

Kicking off the latest Entertainment Link-Off is Lyndsy Fonseca. Yes, you’ve seen her in films like Kick Ass and Hot Tub Time Machine, but she also had the role of “the daughter” on How I Met Your Mother and is currently starring alongside Maggie Q on CW’s Nikita. While the spy show isn’t performing badly in CW standards, it could use a few more viewers.

After the jump, the Hulk returns to TV, Drive Angry 3D stuff, a hobbit reunion, a very good reason why you need to watch Chuck, troubles on the Transformers set, an explosive Conan promo and Abed from NBC’s Community delivers a baby. Continue reading