Entertainment Link-Off: Nothing Suits Me Like A Suit

Kicking off the latest Entertainment Link-Off is Lyndsy Fonseca. Yes, you’ve seen her in films like Kick Ass and Hot Tub Time Machine, but she also had the role of “the daughter” on How I Met Your Mother and is currently starring alongside Maggie Q on CW’s Nikita. While the spy show isn’t performing badly in CW standards, it could use a few more viewers.

After the jump, the Hulk returns to TV, Drive Angry 3D stuff, a hobbit reunion, a very good reason why you need to watch Chuck, troubles on the Transformers set, an explosive Conan promo and Abed from NBC’s Community delivers a baby.

The Hulk is making a return to television. Marvel and ABC are teaming up to bring the big green superhero to the small screen again. I suppose this time we’ll get some CGI Hulk as opposed to Lou Ferrigno in green body paint. (The Live Feed)

With the film adaptation of the popular video game Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune on the move, Nathan Fillion has started a Twitter campaign to get himself the lead role of Nathan Drake. Show some love for the Firefly alum shall we? (Collider)

This will come in handy for trivia night or perhaps for any Star Wars fanboy. 10 things you didn’t know about The Empire Strikes Back. (io9)

Harry Potter in 3D was supposed to be done by the same company that did the conversion for Clash of the Titans. Uh oh. Be very afraid. On the bright side, they do have more time to work on the second half of the final HP film, so perhaps the quality will be much better than cardboard pop ups from the screen for Clash back in March.  (Slashfilm)

In other 3D film related news, Drive Angry 3D trailer is finally out and it looks like a fun flick. (Yahoo)

To go along with the trailer, there’s also the new one-sheet for Drive Angry 3D. (Shock Til You Drop)

Good news and bad news. Bad news: the Alien prequel is going PG-13 route.  Good news: Natalie Portman might snag the lead role in the film! (NY Mag)

A commenter on Ken Levine’s blog noted the lack of decent portrayal of women in the film The Social Network. Normally comments on the blogosphere just comes and goes but this time Aaron Sorkin actually took the time to respond to the comment. (Ken Levine)

Eduardo Saverin finally spoke out about the film The Social Network. Let’s just say his response is a fairly neutral one. (CNBC)

11 years later, it’s a LOTR reunion! Well 3/4 of the hobbits anyway… (Entertainment Weekly)

Ryan Reynolds thinks that Deadpool can kick Wolverine’s ass. (LA Times)

There are many shows out there that deserve a bigger audience, but it’s definitely not these. Here’s a list of 5 new shows that shouldn’t even be on the air right now. (Movieline)

Chuck is a show that deserves a bigger audience. However the lack of promotion from NBC sure isn’t helping. They should consider doing an ad just focused on Yvonne Strahovski in a bikini and it just might help boost viewership. (Popoholic)

Prepare to be scarred for life. Zach Galifianakis poses for a Vanity Fair shoot. (Vanity Fair)

I may have stopped watching Smallville a few seasons ago, but kudos to the show that survived 10 long seasons. The superhero series just hit the 200 landmark on Friday. Happy 200th episode Smallville! (Fancast)

Good news How I Met Your Mother fans! Just like the previous two seasons, two more episodes will be added to the 22 episode order for the current season of the show. (LA Times)

Neil Patrick Harris is a new father. Congrats! In addition to that, he’s going to be adding ‘director’ to his resume as he’ll be making his feature film directing debut with the indie rom-com Aaron and Sarah starring Emma Roberts and Josh Hutcherson. (Risky Business)

Missed International Suit-Up Day, but this is something nice to throw in for you courtesy of Barney Stinson from season 5 of How I Met Your Mother. (Vimeo)

More troubles on the set of Transformers 3. It seems like accidents keep on following the production of the movie. This time, it’s Bumblebee crashing into a Police SUV and it was not part of the script.


For all Community fans out there. Yes, the Apollo 13 tribute episode was awesome but I just want to take a step back and look at the previous week’s episode. Did any of you catch Abed delivering a baby?


Dollhouse might be long gone, but here’s a music video for the song Remains (that was featured in Epitaph One) and features Topher Fran Kranz getting a mail order bride! Sorta. Though it is separate from the series, it does carry some similar thematic elements. Definitely worthy of checking out.


Go Team Coco! After this video, can you say Conan: 1 and Jay Leno: 0?


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