Entertainment Link-Off: Chick Flicks Don’t Suck!

This weekend at the box office it’s priests vs. vampires or a fun raunchy comedy featuring bridesmaids. While the former is garnering negative reviews, the latter flick is getting rave reviews across the board. Rose Byrne struts her comedic chops once again in the Judd Apatow produced comedy, so it might be worth checking out Bridesmaids at the theatres after all.

After the jump, NBC doesn’t like Wonder Woman, Two and A Half Men lives on, Gandalf in 3D, minor tidbits on the latest How I Met Your Mother, Scrabble added some non-words into their dictionary and Michael Bolton is a cinephile!

Guys and gals should go see Bridesmaids! (Slashfilm)

I wasn’t looking forward to Wonder Woman and the costume did look quite bad, but it does sadden me a bit to see that Adrianne Palicki didn’t quite get her big break for this fall. NBC officially rejects the Wonder Woman pilot. (Entertainment Weekly)

How exactly can you improve Two and A Half Men by replacing Charlie Sheen with Ashton Kutcher? I’m sure that’s a question most people are wondering right now. It’s too bad such an terrible show just won’t go away. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Chuck fans you can rejoice! There’s official news that Chuck will be back for a 5th season (and sadly final season) consisting of a 13 episode run. (TV Line)

Funny or Die is expanding beyond the internet! (LA Times)

We know that The Hobbit is going to be released in 3D, so what would Gandalf look like in the film? Take a look for yourself! (Coming Soon)

Well now we know why it’s so expensive to make movies… anyone check out Will Smith’s digs while on set for Men in Black 3??? Damn! (Entertainment Weekly)

Fast Five is making some big bucks around the world. In fact, could an Oscar be on the way? Probably not, but Vin Diesel thinks otherwise. (LA Times)

Spoiler alert. Ted and Zoey breaks up on How I Met Your Mother. I’ve endured all of season 6 for this moment! Unlike those behind the show, I don’t find this breakup bittersweet at all. (TV Guide)

As a fan of HIMYM, I’m curious about the reveal of who the mother should be. Given the 2 season renewal, it might be a while; however should the mother be revealed at the very end of the series or should she make an appearance sooner? (Entertainment Weekly)

Scrabble is now accepting ‘thang’, ‘innit’ and ‘grrl’ in its dictionary. So that’s signs of the apocalypse number… oh I lost track. (The Telegraph)

The stars of Smallville look back at the wonderful 10 seasons that it’s had. I may have dropped Smallville from my regular viewing schedule, it was nice to tune in once again for the finale on Friday night. Did you happen to catch it?

Michael Bolton just earned some cool points back for being a part of this ridiculous (yet awesome) song from The Lonely Island.

While we’re on music recommendations, the latest track from Tyler Ward is something nice to listen to.

The latest video from Freddie Wong features the gorgeous Eliza Dushku. That’s worth throwing into the link-off here don’tcha think?

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