Amazing Jack-O-Lanterns 2012

Halloween is just a few days away. There’s just one problem for me, though. I haven’t carved a pumpkin yet. Now everyone knows how to carve a standard Jack-o-Lantern but I really don’t want to do standard. That’s why I looked up some amazing looking Jack-o-Lantern for inspiration. Maybe you should take note when carving yours. Continue reading


Man Lab Showdown: Blake Lively vs. Scarlett Johansson

Normally, we plan our Man Lab Showdown match-ups well in advance. However, Ryan Reynolds’ sudden marriage to Blake Lively changed our plans. The wedding came as a surprise to us because the pair have been dating for less than a year. This is Reynolds’ second marriage. His first marriage was to Scarlett Johansson. This leads us to this month’s obvious Showdown pairing.

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Man Lab Showdown: Barbara Palvin vs. Lais Ribeiro

For the return from hiatus edition of the Man Lab Showdown, we have a battle between two of Victoria’s Secret’s newest stars. Among the latest new crop of Victoria’s Secret hires, these two seem to have become the most popular. In one corner is Barbara Palvin, a Hungarian newcomer to Victoria’s Secret who has only modelled for them since the start of the year. In the other, Lais Ribeiro from Brazil who has burst onto the scene with two commercials for Victoria’s Secret over the last year. Both are in for a long future in the spotlight as they’re both under 20 years old.

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Best of The Telegraph’s Sign Language (Part 7)

Every week, the website of British newspaper The Daily Telegraph runs a feature called Sign Language. In this, they run the funniest signs that their readers spotted around the world. Most are examples of signs getting lost in translation but others are just plain confusing or ironic. So as part of our continuing best of the interweb series, here are twenty of the best sign fails that Telegraph readers have come across in recent weeks. Continue reading

25 More Reasons To Celebrate Earth Day

Sunday is a made up awareness day called Earth Day. Basically, it’s a day about increasing awareness of pollution on the Earth. However, I can think of several reasons for protecting our planet besides ducks, kittens and little baby seals. There are plenty of beautiful women around the world and here are 25 from around the world that make you want to save the environment. Continue reading

Star Wars Identities Posters

Today marks the opening of a special exhibit at the Montreal Science Centre. The Star Wars Identities exhibit examines the characters of various characters in the Star Wars universe with a particular focus on Luke and Anakin Skywalker’s journeys through the two movie trilogies.

To advertise the opening of this exhibit, Canadian ad agency Bleublancrouge was commissioned to create special character portraits to promote the exhibition. After the jump, we have the complete collection of Star Wars Identities posters. Continue reading

The 2012 Hottest Canadian Is…

After four weeks of competition, the first ever Hottest Canadian bracket competition went from 32 women to the woman voted at the one hottest Canadian in 2012. And that woman is…

Kristin Kreuk!

The former Smallville actress demolished all challengers en route to a surprise win in the competition. After the jump, we have Kreuk’s Hottest Canadian results and a celebratory photo gallery. Continue reading

Pop-Up Notifications In Real Life

When you spend several hours in front of your computer each day, whether it’s at work or at home, you see more than your fair share of pop-ups over the course of the day. Fortunately for your sanity, these pop-up notices are confined solely to your computer screen. But what if you could see pop-ups in real-life? We have ten pop-ups that you’d probably see more than a few times if you got pop-up notification in real-life. Continue reading

Man Lab Showdown: Brooklyn Decker vs. Kate Upton

In honour of this week’s release of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, we have an epic edition of the Man Lab Showdown for you. In one corner is 2010 SI Swimsuit cover model Brooklyn Decker who is such a big name in the modelling world that she’s parlayed it into an acting career. In the other corner is 2012 SI Swimsuit cover girl Kate Upton who has taken the world by storm over the last twelve months.

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Man Lab Showdown: Gina Carano vs. Kate Beckinsale

This weekend sees a new Hollywood star premiere in her first movie while another star returns to the franchise that made her a breakout star. Former-ish MMA fighter Gina Carano stars in Haywire which boasts a A-list cast and crew. Former sexiest woman alive Kate Beckinsale returns to the Underworld franchise in Awakening. And both brunette actresses are better known for their looks than their acting skills.

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