Entertainment Link-Off: Settling A Score

It’s September already?! Time certainly flies. So now that the summer burn-offs are out of the way, there’s finally a few movies to go see at the theatres again! Most notable one is the action throwback movie Machete starring Danny Trejo. He might not be the eye candy you’re looking for, but he does make a badass action hero. Speaking of eye candy, Jessica Alba is in this movie!

After the jump, a look at a Tron theme park, something that will help you understand Inception better, James Cameron fights off Piranhas, some love for Scott Pilgrim in the UK and watch out for a Hobo with a Shotgun.

There is a new trend going on in Hollywood. It’s the rise of the meta-films: movies about movies! As the audience continues to embrace homages or parodies of past films, we just might be stuck with same recycled material for years to come. (Slashfilm)

Starting October 8, there will be a very good reason to go visit Disney California Adventure park. To build more anticipation for the upcoming release of Tron Legacy, the park will feature ElecTRONica! Not only will there be an sizzling dance club and glowing accessories, there will be an authentic recreation of Flynn’s Arcade. Here’s some nifty concept art for you to look at. (Disney Parks Blog)

The Japanese Tron Legacy poster is quite nice to look at. As an added bonus, there’s also the French poster for Let Me In. (First Showing)

Still got trouble understanding Christopher Nolan’s Inception after seeing the film multiple times at the multiplex? Perhaps reading the screenplay will help! (io9)

Speaking of Inception, here’s a fun comic detailing the different dream levels of a geek. (FoxTrot)

A new photo from the film Sucker Punch was released online and it gives another juicy look at the fantastical elements of the film. This time features a dogfight between a dragon and a plane! (Cruel and Unusual Films)

Want to generate the most profit for your big budget movie? According to Forbes for a second straight year, hire Shia LaBoeuf! Other celebs that made the list include Anne Hathaway, Daniel Radcliffe and Meryl Streep. Somehow Jennifer Aniston also made the list at #6 because of The Bounty Hunter. Clearly they didn’t factor in her other two flops lately. (Forbes)

James Cameron writes off Piranha 3D for its use of gimmicky 3D. (Vanity Fair)

Then the producer of Piranha 3D bites back. (Movieline)

M. Night Shyamalan would definitely love to revisit his good ol’ days when he was actually praised for the films he made. The sequel to Unbreakable is coming, but it’s back on the drawing board since Shyamalan cannibalized it and chose to turn it into the third film in his Night Chronicles. Perhaps the trailer from this movie will have less chuckles compared to the first installment Devil. (MTV)

Chuck will be back on September 20th at 8 pm on NBC! Yes, it’s a long wait, but it’ll be worth it. Let’s drum up some additional buzz for the return of our favourite Nerd Herder with some pictures of Linda Hamilton as Mary Bartowski and Olivia Munn as Greta. (Collider)

Before you start tuning into the final season of Friday Night Lights, don’t forget to get your hands on the season 4 DVDs! (Collider)

KevJumba in the next installment of The Amazing Race! He’s also teaming up with his ever-so-popular father! Expect hilarity to ensue. (Movieline)

My Twitter feed was littered by posts from Kristen Bell the other day when she was campaigning to get the Veronica Mars movie made. I’m all for it, so let’s spread the word shall we? (Zap2it)

Once again, congratulations to the folks behind Modern Family. Now that they won the Outstanding Comedy, when will Sofia Vergara run naked down Sunset Blvd? (NY Times)

This is the year where it’s the big revival of the action stars. Stallone did it with The Expendables and now the 66 year old Danny Trejo is back. He had a small role in Predators, but now he’s the main action guy in Machete! Here’s a nice look at his life and career in the movie making business. (LA Times)

Here’s something to debunk any rumours being spread on forums out there, there is no actual nudity from the leading ladies (Jessica Alba and Michelle Rodriguez) of Machete. (MTV)

Sylvester Stallone has recently joined Twitter and teased that Bruce Willis might be the big baddie in the next Expendables movie. Here are five reasons why Willis should take up the gig! (Entertainment Weekly)

Despite not being a box office hit, Mark Millar confirms that Kick-Ass 2 has been greenlit. (Bleeding Cool)

There are lots of people comparing Kick-Ass with Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. In fact, the former referenced Scott Pilgrim during a scene in the movie. So which one is a better film? That’s up to you to decide. I personally liked Scott Pilgrim a bit more. Here’s a fun little argument going back and forth for the two movies. (Metro)

In Australia, Scott Pilgrim only dipped 17% at the box office in its third week. Meanwhile in the UK, the film premieres at number 2 and was only £0.4M ($0.6M). Sadly, this time it wasn’t beat out by a bunch of action stars, Scott Pilgrim was defeated by Adam Sandler. On the bright side, at least some people in the world appreciates the awesomeness of the comic-book movie. (Comic Book Movie)

There is nothing good about the Twilight spoof Vampire Suck. On second thought, there is something worth pointing out about the movie. This sign from a drive-in theatre echos the thoughts on most people’s minds. (Buzzfeed)

Conan O’Brien announces the name of his new show on TBS!!! It’s really not as special as you might think it would be.


If you saw and liked the Total Recall musical earlier, there is a followup for you! This time it’s Ah-nold’s Terminator 2 Opera.


We all know Machete came from a faux-trailer when Grindhouse was released a few years back. It would be appropriate that another film that channels the same sort of vibe to release a trailer just in time to coincide with Machete. Here’s an ultra-violent look at Hobo with a Shotgun.



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