Sunday Link-Off: The Only Story in Town

emma-watson-elleuk14-01Are there any news stories in Canada this week? Last week? Just the one? I love the Jian Ghomeshi conversation as much as anyone but it might be about time that we move on to talk about important things like bills going through Parliament or something that’s actually news.

Anyway, it’s time for the links. Let’s change things up and start with Emma Watson.

So apparently I’m wrong about an improvement in the discourse around sexual violence in Canada because of the Ghomeshi scandal. This op-ed says that I’m an idiot for thinking that people might talk about sexual violence differently now. And now discourse has been set back. (The Globe and Mail)

Though Post columnist Christie Blatchford thinks we’re not quite there yet as there’s a double standard about who can talk about what. (National Post)

The head of CBC’s English language services breaks her silence about Ghomeshi. (Metro)

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Entertainment Link-Off: Magic is in the Air

After a two week hiatus, I am back! Steve has done a wonderful job with the ELO over the past two weeks, so I can safely assume he didn’t scare off any readers right? Yes? Awesome! Anyway, this weekend marks the release of the first part of the final chapter of the Harry Potter franchise. There is no better way to kick things off with the HP leading lady Emma Watson.

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Wednesday Link-Off: Sporting Shenanigans

For the first time on one of our linkdumps, here’s Emma Watson. She’s really the only reason to watch those upcoming Harry Potter movies.

Kyle Wellwood is well known amongst the Canuckleheads for having some weight issues. So when somebody posted a joke story about the Kyle Wellwood annual Deep Dish Pizza tour of Chicago, NBC bought it as real. (SB Nation)

Speaking of hockey shenanigans, San Jose fans have their own answer for the Wings’ octopi. (Puck Daddy)

Philadelphia: Home to the greatest fans in all of sports… Or something like that. (The Big Lead)

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Movie Review: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

harry potter and the half blood princeAs mentioned in my Entertainment Link-Off, here is the movie review for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

The latest entry to the Harry Potter film series drops the bright, light-hearted tone of the previous films and attempts to capture the dark nature of… teenage romance? Continue reading