Wednesday Link-Off: Sporting Shenanigans

For the first time on one of our linkdumps, here’s Emma Watson. She’s really the only reason to watch those upcoming Harry Potter movies.

Kyle Wellwood is well known amongst the Canuckleheads for having some weight issues. So when somebody posted a joke story about the Kyle Wellwood annual Deep Dish Pizza tour of Chicago, NBC bought it as real. (SB Nation)

Speaking of hockey shenanigans, San Jose fans have their own answer for the Wings’ octopi. (Puck Daddy)

Philadelphia: Home to the greatest fans in all of sports… Or something like that. (The Big Lead)

After the jump, Twitter isn’t white and nerdy, Bill’s near billions, and a Lego galaxy far, far away.

A recent study says that African-Americans are proportionately the biggest group on Twitter relative to their size in the general population. (San Francisco Chronicle)

Bill Shatner is nearly a billionaire but it’s not thanks to Star Trek. He’s made his money from Priceline. (Toronto Sun)

Formula One may attempt another American adventure. This time, they’ll attempt a street race in New Jersey so they can take advantage of the New York City skyline. Of course, street races worked really well in Detroit, Phoenix, Dallas, and Las Vegas. (F1 Fanatic)

Baseball broadcasting legend Ernie Harwell passed away last night at the age of 92. There’s no better way to pay tribute to the voice of our generation than to look back at his amazing Hall of Fame speech. (New York Times)

With the NBA playoffs coming to a head, let’s look at the head to head matchup that everyone is looking forward to. It’s Kobe vs. LeBron in a battle of musical name-checks. (Complex)

A while back, I linked to a detailed story about this year’s World Cup ball. Well, now we have some very smart gentlemen explaining why no one will score again this time. (Deadspin)

Do you want an iPad? You might have to wait. Apple has sold over 1 million of them in less than a month. (Wall Street Journal)

Today’s photo gallery brings us back to Saturday’s Kentucky Derby with some of the best and wackiest hats of the weekend. (Guys Girl)

Who says that arena football isn’t exciting? Everyone watching thinks it is. This waitress probably isn’t so keen on the sport anymore.

A kid with some Legos sums up the original Star Wars trilogy in less than three minutes of pure awesomeness.

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