Entertainment Link-Off: Magic is in the Air

After a two week hiatus, I am back! Steve has done a wonderful job with the ELO over the past two weeks, so I can safely assume he didn’t scare off any readers right? Yes? Awesome! Anyway, this weekend marks the release of the first part of the final chapter of the Harry Potter franchise. There is no better way to kick things off with the HP leading lady Emma Watson.

After the jump, sports athletes tackle popular movies, what if David Fincher didn’t make The Social Network, a few movie trailers to check out, Supernatural meets The X-Files and Harry Potter decided to turn evil.

ESPN is on a roll! First it was the NBA players as Marvel superheroes. Now sports athletes are tackling famous films. From the Cincinnati Bengals’ Tank Johnson, Dhani Jones and Chad Ochocinco in The Hangover to Danica Patrick in Anchorman, there are many levels of awesome as you go through the pictures. Sadly Lindsay Vonn looks a little too photoshopped in Basic Instinct. (ESPN)

We all know that The Social Network is a critical hit. David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin did in fact make a good one two punch in the movie. However, have you ever thought of what would happen if other directors decided to make the movie? Well wonder no more, here’s a taste of what you could have seen! (College Humor)

Hollywood has a mixed track record when it comes to superhero flicks. Here’s a look at 6 superhero origins they got right and 6 that they totally messed up. (io9)

Now we all heard about the epic disaster Spider-Man musical that’s happening. Well the concept art images for the show has surfaced and it’s WTF indeed! (Vogue)

The latest episode of Chuck provided the sexiest Subway product placement you will ever see thanks to Summer Glau. (io9)

Harry Shum Jr. aka Mike “Other Asian” Chang has been promoted to be a series regular on Glee. About freakin’ time. (Entertainment Weekly)

It’s been a good week for movie trailers. First up is the red band trailer for the comedy Your Highness starring James Franco, Danny McBride, Zooey Deschanel and the scene-stealing Natalie Portman. (IGN)

Here’s the first look at Jon Favreau’s latest Cowboys and Aliens. While I’m still not convinced that Daniel Craig makes a good leading man, the film does look fun. (Yahoo)

We finally get a glimpse of Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan in the upcoming Green Lantern movie. (Apple)

Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway get nekkid for the latest Entertainment Weekly photoshoot. The actual images are less steamy than it sounds. (Entertainment Weekly)

Home Alone was playing on the TV a few nights ago and brought back many awesome memories from watching that movie as a kid. Anyway, ever wonder what the cast has been up to since then? Well here’s a nice summary for you to take a look at. (Moviefone)

So without a release date the prequel to The Thing is now heading back for more reshoots. Uh fanboys, time to start worrying! Seriously folks, sometimes reshoots can be a good thing. No set release date means no pressure. Let’s hope that we get a good quality film by the time it does hit the screens ok? (Hit Fix)

Time for more collection of great Ah-nold moments. This time it’s watching Arnold Schwarzenegger scream in the movies that he’s been in. (Filmdrunk)

Another reason why Supernatural is so freakin’ episode. The opening clip of the latest episode features a nice throwback to The X-Files.


In celebration of the release of the latest Harry Potter film, it would be appropriate to show you the biggest Harry Potter fan that’s umm… named Harry Potter.


Keeping with the Harry Potter theme, let’s re-imagine what would have happened if Harry joined the ‘dark side’… I mean Slytherin.


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