Sunday Link-Off: The Only Story in Town

emma-watson-elleuk14-01Are there any news stories in Canada this week? Last week? Just the one? I love the Jian Ghomeshi conversation as much as anyone but it might be about time that we move on to talk about important things like bills going through Parliament or something that’s actually news.

Anyway, it’s time for the links. Let’s change things up and start with Emma Watson.

So apparently I’m wrong about an improvement in the discourse around sexual violence in Canada because of the Ghomeshi scandal. This op-ed says that I’m an idiot for thinking that people might talk about sexual violence differently now. And now discourse has been set back. (The Globe and Mail)

Though Post columnist Christie Blatchford thinks we’re not quite there yet as there’s a double standard about who can talk about what. (National Post)

The head of CBC’s English language services breaks her silence about Ghomeshi. (Metro)

His party may have lost Congress to the Republicans but President Obama still has a hell of a spin for last week’s midterm elections. (Vox)

A former CBS reporter claims that President Obama has an enemies list. I’d find it weirder if he didn’t. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Maybe those Occupy people were onto something. A JP Morgan Chase whistleblower explains how her company influenced the economic collapse of 2007 and how they effectively got away with it. (Democracy Now)

Some business men have reputations for various specialties. Dean Metropoulos has the uncanny ability to take a classic but dead brand and turn it into a big money product and brand. (Washington Post)

The daughter of the Happy Face Killer talks about life as the daughter of a serial killer. (BBC)

NFL Blitz is one of the great NFL games of all time. It would never get made today but if almost didn’t get made back in the 90s. (Vice Sports)

The Newsroom returns tonight. Here’s a review of the first three episodes. Naturally, spoilers. (Vanity Fair)

The National’s resident essayist, Rex Murphy, does the damn thing on Jian Ghomeshi, his abuse of his celebrity status and his PR shield before two weeks ago.


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